Was Lilith Edited Out of the Bible?

Only if Superman was edited out of the New Testament.

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  • Will

    You mean Superman is only in the OLD Testament? (With the rest of the family El.)

    Yes, I get exasperated with people who insist not only that a monolithic, worldwide “TheChurch” had the resources of Orwell’s Ministry of Truth, but that whatever apocryphal books meet their favor were “removed from the Bible”, without being able to point to anything identifiable as “the Bible” that INCLUDED them. (The only exceptions are the presence of Barnabas and Hermas in the Sinaiticus… but I never find the revisionists quoting THEM.)

  • Donna Miller

    “I’m normally not a praying man, but if you’re up there, please save me Superman!”– Homer Simpson

  • Peggy R

    Frazier too?

    For the filter….Wasn’t Sampson effectively Superman in the OT?

  • Really, though, the implication that any editing that might have happened to any sacred text after the initial penning of said sacred text is ipso facto invalid is a completely bogus one. It wouldn’t matter if Lilith had been edited out. Big deal. That just means that the process of pre-canonical inspiration is in some cases somewhat drawn out. By the time the Church recognized each sacred book for what it was, though, that editorial process had pretty much ceased. (Although I haven’t looked at Bart Ehrman’s arguments, I assume they’re not the big deal he claims them to be, since the walls and towers of Christianity don’t seem to have been thrown down.)

  • b.r.s

    lilith might really of been adams wife but god didm’t write the bible other people did so we dont really know what really happened way back then.