Am I Sorry? NO!

From a friend’s FB page:

do gardeners learn their trade by trowel and error?
· · 6 hours ago ·

    • Jesson Mata Shame. I expected this from Alan, not from a lady of your stature.

      5 hours ago · · 1
    • Alison Bernhoft jesson, such blatant flattery will get you nowhere with me.

      5 hours ago · · 1
    • Jesson Mata Oh, I thought it was more of a commentary on Alan, but I shall take note.

      5 hours ago · · 2
    • Greg Colombo He does usually provide puns like these in spades…

      5 hours ago · · 4
    • Barbara Gleason O’Callaghan Ooooo…I need thyme to think about that one!

      5 hours ago · · 3
    • Alison Bernhoft hoe hoe hoe, barbara

      4 hours ago · · 2
    • Alison Bernhoft greg – no doubt while planting fork-etmenots?

      4 hours ago · · 1
    • Alan Stout So funny I soiled myself.

      4 hours ago · · 2
    • Luke Shea I think it’s time we all Rose above these foul puns.

      3 hours ago · · 2
    • Jesson Mata I can’t get myself to plant these American ideas in my Filipino self.

      3 hours ago · · 1
    • Luke Shea I’m sick of all this mud-slinging.

      2 hours ago · · 1
    • Luke Shea Chamomile just get along?

      2 hours ago · · 1
    • Alison Bernhoft luke, i’ve always said you were a tarragon of virtue

      2 hours ago · · 1
    • Luke Shea I can’t take full credit.  My good upbringing is parsley responsible.

      2 hours ago · · 1
    • Luke Shea Never forget your roots, I always say.

      2 hours ago ·
    • Alison Bernhoft knock knock.  who’s there?  cumin.

      2 hours ago · · 1
    • Alison Bernhoft knock knock.  who’s there?  marjoram business.

      2 hours ago ·
    • Luke Shea I need to go look at my spice rack to see if I cayanne find some inspiration.

      2 hours ago ·
    • Jesson Mata Wow, being uprooted from the Philippines and having to transplant to this thorny culture makes me ill prepared for this…

      2 hours ago · · 1
    • Luke Shea ‎(That last one only works in a thick southern accent)

      2 hours ago ·
    • Luke SheaMark Shea, you should really get over here and dig into this.

      2 hours ago ·
    • Alison Bernhoft when puns start flying there’s never a dill moment

      2 hours ago · · 1
    • Luke Shea It’s true!  This conversation has become riveting.  Before the puns showed up, I didn’t carrot all.

      2 hours ago ·
    • Greg Colombo man, I go to one staff meeting and suddenly everyone is minting herb puns

      2 hours ago · · 1
    • Luke Shea Some of them were flower puns, too.  None of us, adults orchids, can resist a good floral gag.

      about an hour ago ·
    • Luke Shea And lettuce not forget the vegetable puns.

      about an hour ago ·
    • Luke Shea This isn’t over, is it?  A few more puns are bound to turnip.

      about an hour ago ·
    • Greg Colombo This was pretty manageable when it was just about gardening implements, but now that it’s leeked into vegetables…

      about an hour ago · · 2
    • Greg Colombo Then again, I’d hate to squash your hopes for this thread.

      about an hour ago · · 1
    • Luke Shea It aspen so much fun.  Did I mention there are trees in my garden?

      about an hour ago ·

  • Scott W.

    You should submit these to a pun contest. I tried this once and submitted ten hoping one would win, but no pun in ten did.

  • Brian Watson-Colter

    Got to run now endive into my work!

  • Barbara

    Olive you are insane and need to be committed to a pimento institution. (Sorry, I prefer baking bread to gardening)

  • Cantorboy

    Sensing that it was long past time to break up the hilarity, Father solemnly intoned: “Lettuce spray”.

  • Mark Windsor

    Am I Sorry? NO!

    No? Well, you should be. Posting Facebook pages on your blog is a ghastly habit. You should be ashamed of yourself. Vade Facebook!!

  • Joseph Moore

    I’ll accept puns like this for free, but I sure wouldn’t have botany.

  • Ivan

    Gardening puns cause lentil problems. I should know… I’ve bean out of my gourd for years.

  • Joe

    How much do I have to pay you in order for you to never post something like this again?

    • Telemachus

      You’ll have to dig deep, my friend.

    • Mark Shea

      No amount will ever be enough.

  • Brian Edward Miles

    I was trying to think of some floral themed puns, but had to stick with vegetables b/c I never know what to cauliflower.