In Honor of Fat Tuesday

One-Pound Fat Replica 1Lb Fat Model Replica

I give you the One Pound Fat Replica, courtesy of

I also write to rejoice because I have lost about 65 of these!

One thing diabetes does for you is inspire you to change your diet and get that two mile walk everyday.  To paraphase Mr. Micawber, “Daily caloric intake 2000, daily caloric burn 1900.  Result: Misery.  Daily caloric intake 2000, daily caloric burn 2100.  Result: Happiness.” I am now lighter than I have been in 20 years.  Excelsior!

  • Jeff

    That is awesome, Mark! Way to go!

  • ds

    Congrats, Mark! It’s really hard to make those kind of changes but it sounds like you’re are doing great. Keep healthy I want you to stick around for a while.

  • Steven A. Dunn

    Congrats! Keep it up! My mother was diagnosed w/Type 2 diabetes about 10 years ago and completely changed her diet and lifestyle. Now the doctors say she has almost no symptoms, and her medication dosage is close to zero.

  • Confederate Papist

    Awesome news Mark.

    Having lost 50lbs myself about 2 years ago, I know you’re probably feeling pretty good! Keep it going!!

  • Dan

    Good job. But I will never eat a golden raisin again.

  • Will

    Congratulations Mr. Shea

  • Ann

    Well done, Mark. That’s no small feat!

  • Marty Helgesen

    “I am now lighter than I have been in 20 years.” Congratulations. I’ll bet you’re glowing.

    “Excelsior!” Seltzer bottle! (That is very obscure, but I might not be the only one to think of it.)

  • Tominellay

    …you’re going to save your life!

  • Dan F.

    50lb for me since the beginning of last year. Only 45 after i’m done with today’s feasting but I’m still relatively young (just turned 28).

  • Ken Crawford

    That’s wonderful news Mark…

    But now I’m terribly confused. Was it a big mistake to get donuts this morning with the excuse it’s Fat Tuesday?

  • Peggy R

    Congrats Mark! May God continue to be with you on this journey!

  • TheRealAaron

    Eww! and Congratulations, respectively.

  • Kathleen Lundquist

    That’s awesome, Mark! Looking forward forward to reading your writing (and visiting every now and then) for many years to come!

    • Kathleen Lundquist

      Agk – that’s “looking forward to”… I should read my own writing…

  • Spastic Hedgehog

    Yay you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (I don’t usually use this many exclamation points but my comment was too short!)

  • Mark Gordon

    Congratulations, Mark. This is such a great gift to your family!

  • Timothy of Seattle


  • Dave G.

    65 pounds! And I was feeling good having lost 13. Very well done.

  • thomas tucker

    What does the Jolly Movement say about this? Aren’t they convinced that once you are born this way then you can’t change? Do they say that you are just internalizing Jollyphobia?

    • Mark Shea

      When I am fat I am, to quote the Prophet Gaga, “born this way” and simply living out my nature. When I become a “trans-fatty”, I am a thin person who was born into a fat person’s body and I have the right to eat as much as I want, practice safe bulimia, and alter myself by surgery and amputation because “nature” is a construct of dead white males when all that really matters is My Sacred Feelings. I guess what I’m trying to say is, what I want is the Most Important Thing in the World and a truly tolerant society would recognize that and smash anybody who dares to question what I want.

  • martin

    This is awesome on so many levels LOL ‘BO Anti-Christ in own words.’!

    The two of them do really take themselves seriously :)

    on a lighter note

    weeeell what do u think “thy kingdom come” means?

  • Matt C


    I must confess, Mr Shea, that I am deeply troubled by your inexplicable abandonment of the Jolly Movement. If you will not embrace the glories of being Jolly, then you are obviously deranged… and a bigot.

    … Congratulations on the weight loss, Mark. :)

  • Liz

    That’s great! Congratulations!

  • http://FB,Twitter,linkedin Debra McCusker

    It’s real fun to pull out of your arm also, like pulling taffy.

  • Hezekiah Garrett

    You are doing great and I am so proud of you!!!

    But to put it in perspective for you, this isn’t one of the things diabetes does to people. It did it to you. You’d be surprised , but the other half of the population just tends to drizzle on a little more fudge, or take up vodka, when they get the diagnosis.

    So I am very proud of you, Mark!

    • Hezekiah Garrett

      In re-reading, I didn’t mean to imply that you alone constitute ‘the other half’ of humanity.

      At least not anymore!!!

  • The Ironic Catholic

    Congrats–that’s awesome.

  • Damien

    wow, that is EXACTLY what I have been doing every day since September 1st. I am down over 50lbs. No joke. I am using MyFitnessPal to track my caloric intake and I am using Endomondo to track my distance. I have been doing 1 mile for a few months and then I went to 1.5 miles and I have recently been knocking out 2 miles.

    As of Monday I started to wear a weight vest to help me along.

    I started for the VERY same reasons. Diabetes. Once I got my meter and saw that I could drop my levels by about 50 points, it was all the motivation I needed.


  • Devra

    Very happy for you, and for me too, since maybe now us mindless followers will have you around for longer.