Mike Liccione joins the liberal conspiracy

Mike will be issued his Liberal Playbook and be taught the minor passwords, as well as being issued his Secret Obama Supporter jockstrap at our next meeting. Welcome to the Brotherhood, Mike.

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  • http://blog.archny.org/steppingout/ Ed Mechmann

    Can I join the conspiracy too? (You can keep the jockstrap, thanks.)

    • kenneth

      The bar to membership has never been lower. If you express any doubt that Obama is anything less than the Antichrist himself, you’re a member of the Liberal Conspiracy. The downside of such loose membership requirements is, of course that membership benefits have been greatly devalued. Having once been an Obama supporter, I still get the memos, and I should clarify one point. The jockstrap has been retired as the official uniform. Ever since the Bin Laden hit, orders came down that all true supporters are to “go commando” in honor of Team Six!

  • Peter Rother

    Tribal much?

    • Mark Shea