Obama: Ecumenist of the Year

Obama’s ham-fisted act of assault against the Catholic Church has done more for practical ecumenism than anything in years. Now we have the amazing and beautiful spectacle of a Southern Baptist who declares himself ready to go to jail to resist the God King’s tyrannical act.

Meanwhile, other headlines in the Furor That Wasn’t Supposed to Happen include
Obama Needs To Stop ‘Intruding Into Internal Life Of Church’…

nun pleads with Biden to ‘fix’ contraception ruling…

Republican vows to end WH attack on ‘religious freedom’…

calls Obama ‘terrible president,’ blasts mandate…

struggles to stifle uproar…

That last headline is the most telling. He is arrogant enough that he managed to convince himself there would be no backlash. Instead, he’s got everybody from Keehan, to nervous Democrats in Catholic swing states, to Protestants who recognize they are next on the gallows, to political opportunists, to absolutely sincere Catholic lefties who finally recognize what a malicious and vindictive man he is, to the whole episcopacy, to conservatives who clearly recognize the menace he is and always have. Heck, even Chris Mathews is astounded at the stupid gratuitous malice of this tyrannical act. And the uproar continues to grow, because in his hubris our God King badly miscalculated. Sin made him stupid.

When this act is defeated, let us sow salt in its smoking ashes and make sure this is never attempted again.

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  • math_geek

    I know you’re referring to Bob Casey as a nervous swing-state Democrat, but it should be pointed out that he has a legitimate history as a practicing Catholic lefty, including opposing abortion. In my mind, liberal Catholics were the most betrayed by this decision. I made a calculated choice to support Obama and Obamacare based on the belief that while many people would use Obamacare to do things I oppose, more good would come by providing healthcare to the previously uninsured. I made that decision believing that religious orgnaizations would still be allowed to handle their own business.

  • victor

    Biden really has been MIA since this whole thing broke. I’m curious, though, just because I don’t watch his show, has that self-professed Voice of Catholicism Stephen Colbert weighed in on this? It’d be pretty difficult to keep up the failthful Catholic act while at the same time staying true as a Palace Guard (or vice versa, I guess) on this one.

    • Mark Shea

      Interesting question. I don’t know cuz I only catch his act sporadically. I wonder if he will cowboy up and do a full Michael Sean Winters on Obama or just punt and pretend it’s Obama vs. those stupid bishops and their hangups about sex. That will take some real courage on his part. We’ll see.

      • math_geek

        It’s a challenging issue for Colbert if he agrees with us because one of his schticks is that he is always, always in character. Given that his character is a right-wing buffoon, if he just criticizes Obama, he is really attacking the Church. He’d almost have to verbally side with Obama to mock the position.

        While Colbert is quite open about his Catholocism, I don’t think he sees himself as the Voice of Catholocism. Whatever he does, he’s going to do it though his act.

        • victor

          “Everyone knows I’m the most famous Catholic on television. I’m the only one on late night with his own chaplain.”


          Yeah, it’s an act, but to his viewers, he represents Catholicism, so it will be interesting to see if he does the courageous thing here or just tows the Donk party line (which more than a few Democrats aren’t even doing).

          • math_geek

            Thank you for reminding me of this clip. It’s just fantastic.

            However, if you think he’s being serious in that clip I don’t know how to help you.

            • victor

              I know he’s not being serious, but like it or not, he’s one of the most visible, self-identified Catholics in the media, particularly to Millennials, who get more and more of their news from the Report and the Daily Show. It’ll just be interesting to see which side he comes down on, that’s all (and also interesting to see if he continues onward with his anti-PAC nonsense, now that the President has signed on to taking PAC money, too).

          • Chris

            Can we please stop looking to television celebrities as moral support for our beliefs?

            We already have an army called the Communion of Saints.

    • I would say Biden hasn’t just been MIA since the whole thing broke; I would say he has been actively muzzled. Let’s face it: he’s just going to say something really stupid.

      • Patrick

        Biden speaks, and doesn’t “get it”:


        Key paragraph:

        Biden said there has been “a lot of misunderstanding” from people who don’t know that the rule doesn’t take effect for more than a year. Still, he repeated, the administration will engage in a “significant attempt to work this out.”

        No; we’re not against this because we don’t know it doesn’t take effect until next year. We won’t be violating our consciences in a year, either. Repeal it. Repeal it now.

    • Adolfo

      Colbert hasn’t aired a new show since this began. I think he’s off until next Monday.

  • Chris

    Guess we can look at the calendar and guess which Friday night news dump hosts the Great Retreat.

    I’m going to guess Friday evening, February 17th (Pres. Day weekend) we’ll see a brief statement on the wire repealing this nonsense.

  • Confederate Papist

    In addition to Mathews, Mika Zhu, zhu….oh hell, you know who I am talking about…can’t spell her name….expressed dismay at this too. That’s two for MSNBC’ers.

    I have even heard that Muslim clerics are speaking out against it too…..

    “When this act is defeated, let us sow salt in its smoking ashes and make sure this is never attempted again.” to which I say AMEN!

    • Joseph

      I say we don’t stop here. We can capitalize on this momentum to highlight all of his other infringements on human rights, natural law, conscience protections, and religious freedom. Think about it. When he backs down on this issue, which he will eventually, if we wander around the crash site kicking sand over the burning embers instead of marching on to take the hill, we’ll give him a chance to regroup and give the media a chance to bury the story after twisting it as a victory for him. This is a huge opportunity. Many of our allies will go back home or go back to sleep after this, unfortunately, including most of our bishops. But the ones who realize the situation we’re in and have no loyalties to political parties can continue to make noise.

      The last thing I want to happen is what I fear the most. That once this is repealed, all this momentum slips away while everyone gets distracted by that blue light in the window and robotically moves towards it like a fly to a zapper… back to my comfy couch, my popcorn, and another long evening of watching the latest sitcoms.

    • whoa, if the Muslims are against it, it’s toast! Lord knows no one can do anything to offend the Muslims!

    • Confederate Papist

      Ah…..now that I’ve looked it up….it’s:


      • victor

        It’s been really scary, but the most intelligent debate on the mandate, as far as the cable morning shows are concerned (yeah, I know, it’s a low bar) has been on “Morning Joe” this week. Joe Scarborough has been holding court, shouting down anyone who defends the mandate. As Ray Guarendi says, a lot of progressive Catholics are sticking up for their Mother Church in the face of external insults, even if they don’t always agree with Her.

  • Ecumenist?

    Sounds to much like Communist!

    • Dan C

      This is unfortunate for you to note this-he is not a Communist. And you know that. He is a staunch centrist and capitalist. He believes in strong central government.

      This has been a schtick often expounded on and I suggest very quickly disuading oneself of trying to bundle the varied notions of immorality about the entitlements in a government budget with the issue at hand. The affinity group of liberals who might have the President’s ear will not tolerate conflation of this with the pet theologies of libertarian ethics best left on the Acton group’s web site.

      In short, this coalition of partners is fragile, has no stomach for any discussion that Obama’s economic policies are far left (and they are not), and will very much oppose the economic tendencies of the Republicans and their Tea Party with strong moral reasoning.

      • Surely you realize that Tito is joking with the Communist reference, right? I know you’re quick on the trigger to defend the Left, but take humor for what it is.

        Besides, Obama has much more in common with fascists than communists.

        • Yes, I was kidding around.

          But for my unvarnished opinion, I do believe Obama wants a purely European Style Bureaucratic-Technocratic-Socialist-Democracy.

          It’s a mouthful, but that’s what he wants.

          • Sure. I wouldn’t go so far as some on the Right to call Obama a communist, but I believe Dan C is far off calling him a centrist. I challenge you to find a US president in history who is more left than he is.

  • Carbon Monoxide

    I think the muted response to the edict that Catholic institutions had to let homosexual couples adopt emboldened the young, god-king.

    • Joseph

      Well, how could they object? How many of them did we have wearing priestly garb fondling young altar boys and how many of thier bishops made sure they didn’t get caught? The fear of being publicly called out as hypocrites may have scared them silent… or it could have been a case of them not wanting to do something that would appear as if they were playing against their own team.

  • Joseph

    Hey Mark,

    Can you post something about the goings on in Washington State? I’ve heard through the grapevine that, while this federal assault on religious freedom is sucking up all the news, it’s pretty bad up there.

    • Chris

      Yes in addition to the HHS thing, the State Legislature is likely going to legalize homosexual marriage, and they are debating requiring abortion coverage of employers who cover maternity care. Diabolical stuff, Maynard.

      (disclosure: Not a citizen of the State. Just relaying what I’m aware of.)

  • I am all for refraining from singing “We Told You So” to our lefty brothers and sisters. Not much point in that.

    However, now that their eyes have been opened to B.O.’s naked hostility to the Church and pro-life issues in general, let us pray that their eyes remain open and that our self-anointed God-King’s betrayal of their trust remains a bitter taste until after the election.

    I will be disappointed but not surprised to see editorials from the Catholic left once again lauding B.O. if he backs down from this power-grab. If you can’t trust him with your religious liberty in an election year, why would you trust him with four more years to take it away from you?

    Fr. Philip Neri, OP

    • Joseph

      “I will be disappointed but not surprised to see editorials from the Catholic left once again lauding B.O. if he backs down from this power-grab.”

      Prepare to be disappointed then.

      • Mark Shea

        As I say. You love counsels of defeat and despair. You don’t actually know what will happen, so why not shut up and quit pretending to be a prophet?

        • Joseph

          Ok, dude. You win. I guess the priest who said he’d be disappointed but ‘not surprised’ (which means that he expects the same thing) need to shut up too for being a counselor of depair. Later man, you can have your blog all to yourself.

          • Mark Shea

            You don’t have to leave. Just stop sucking all the oxygen out of the room with gloomy prophetic utterances about things you don’t actually know.

            • Joseph

              Seriously, Mark… I can be pretty abusive myself, but I think I’ve met my match. I don’t think I’ve ever told someone to “shut up” before. That the priest I was responding to said pretty much the same thing as I did and did not receive the same treatment is a bit inconsistent as well. But, you are entitled to your own inconsistencies. I dunno, man. I think you’re a bit confused as to who your real friends are.

              There are no tears in blog comboxes, however. We’re all grown-ups. You’ve been riding me pretty hard even though I don’t think that my projections are a stretch at all (no more that the pre-2008 election predictions of what Obama was going to do that actually came to fruition) and neither did most of your readers… I even think I had some moments of agreement with some of the more liberal posters. I’m not expecting you to agree with me, but I seriously don’t feel welcome to comment here any longer after that one. Something about being told to “shut up” seems so final. I guess I could see how angry it would make my wife if I told her that.

              Thanks for leaving the door open, but, unfortunately, I think I’m gonna have to take a break from your blog. Being treated like a troll and an enemy on a blog that I actually enjoy visiting (and agree with most of the time) was totally unexpected. Try to take it a bit easier, though I say that as lighthearted as possible lest another referee accuse me of trying to tell you how to run your blog.

              Good luck, man.

              • Mark Shea

                My apologies for being testy. I hope you reconsider. That said, do realize that Padre said–once–that he wouldn’t be surprised. You have said, over and over and over and over, that there is no doubt that Obama wins either way, that his supporters will all flock back to him, defeat, defeat, defeat, gloom, doom, etc. Like it or not, you offer counsels of despair and defeat and it gets very old and very discouraging.

                • Should I feel bad about something here. . .??? Just wondering. . .’cause being a convert and all, I’m not really sure about the whole Catholic Guilt Thing.

                  Fr. Philip Neri, OP

  • Elena

    We really ought to thank Matt Drudge (0riginator of all the headlines you’ve listed) for keeping this issue on the front burner. I very much doubt it would be the MSM keeping it hot, if it wasn’t for him.

    • Sort of. Even Drudge didn’t start covering it, though, until the bishops declared that we’d go to war over this.

  • Peggy R

    You know, I think it is really Obama who is the “Pope of Christian Unity” rather than B16. (joke, folks. See Fr Z calling B16 Pope of Christian unity.)