The Anchoress…

The Anchoress… February 20, 2012

…on the secular totalitarianism of Obama as the tribune of our Ruling Class. It’s fascinating to me how blind Americans can be to the fact that the law works by precedent. You saw it after Roe, when people imagined it would not lead to euthanasia. You saw it with no fault divorce when people imagined it would not lead to an assault on the institution of marriage. You saw it with the indefinite detention, torture and murder of foreigners, when people imagined it would not lead to the indefinite detention, torture and murder of citizens. And you are seeing it now, with people imagining this assault on the religious liberty of Catholics will not lead to an assault on the first amendment freedoms of all American–including not just freedom of religion but freedom of speech too. “It’s just about contraception and I like getting free contraception candy and making Catholics pay for it, so no big deal.”

We are a people begging for our chains.

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  • Joseph

    Patheos wouldn’t let me add a three-letter comment: “Yep.”

    It truly is incredible how so many Americans can be so apparently oblivious.

  • The Deuce

    Ah, but what’s a bit of permanent slavery compared to a single opportunity to stick one’s finger in the Catholic Church’s eye?

  • Diana

    I’ve been rereading “I Claudius” lately and it’s very interesting to watch the Roman governing class gradually devolve from people taking responsibility for the operation of the state (however venally) to people wholly dependent on, and under the absolute rule of, the Emperors. I can’t help but see parallels.

  • Mark: Have you ever thought, “Screw America! Let it get what it deserves!” and then considered moving to a better country?

    • Mark Shea

      No. I am a patriot. Do you leave your wife if she gets sick?

      • Well, the analogy doesn’t hold because I never took a sacramental vow to remain faithful to the country I reside in. But, even if the analogy did hold, you said yourself that the America you knew is now “dead,” which would release one from that vow (“till death do us part”). So I don’t see an issue with my original question.

  • Rachel

    Brent, where shall we go?? Many of us are working stiffs who don’t have the money to move to another country. Then, there is the possibility that it wouldn’t be any better in the other country too. Can you name one country right now that would be better to live in? That wasn’t so hell bent on being the biggest police state ever?

    • Joseph

      Where the masses of a nation are in a mad scramble to erase the memory of God from their minds and lives, a police station is either in its nascent stages, maturing, or perfectly fermented and ready for drinking.

      Unfortunately, that’s everywhere.

      • Joseph

        police station

        Umm… wish I could blame it on text correction. Police “state”.

  • Rachel

    Exactly Joseph. That is my point. Anywhere else is going to be about the same as here in the US. The cancer has spread so much that there is no escaping it and its because we have allowed it to form. As long as we have our bread and circuses then it gives our rulers more opportunity to enslave us. There is no where else to go. This is home weather we like it or not so we have to fight in our own ways to keep some sanity.

  • Mario Mirarchi

    Glenn Beck gets it:

    Quite frankly, it is worse nearly everywhere else. We are a universal Church — the answer is to join forces across the nation, across the world, and roll back the tide.

  • There are choices.

    There are places that will accept US expats, as long as they have something to contribute to their economies.

    We can affect change through the primary process we are going through now. As a caveat, we are not doing a great job this time around, however the real effort should be directed towards congress, not the executive.

    We can wait until the system known as the American Government (sic) implodes and fractures USA, Inc. into regional sovereign states, which, in my opinion, would be the best solution.

  • Spastic Hedgehog

    This is the part of this whole fiasco I simply do not understand. Leaving one’s agreement or disagreement with the Church’s position on contraception aside, how can liberals/democrats not see that one day, when the opposing party is in power, this precedent will mean they may have to violate their consciences?

  • Jane Hartman

    Will Catholic liberal/democrats be happier when the government owns their beautiful churches? And the hospitals? We are really being bombarded on several fronts with the same/sex marriage/discrimination and with the HHS mandate. If we maintain the Catholic belief on one man/one woman marriage, and if the government deems it to be discriminatory, all orthodox churches would lose their tax-exempt status, and would probably have to close. If Obama continues with the HHS mandate, the hospitals/health facilities and larger churches would certainly have to close. He really knows what he’s doing.

  • Hezekiah Garrett

    Go reinforce Europe, en masse, to protect it from the Mohammedan advance. Don’t let Rome fall.

    Leave some bishops and priests behind if you please.

  • kevin

    You can bet your bottom dollar that Obama is frothing at the mouth privately to get after freedom of speech, including the sort that takes place on this blog and others. My prediction is that he will at some point try to use the prohibition on threatening the life of the president, either through some executive order or regulation, to include “indirect” threats, i.e., opposition speech which incites “incivility” or something like that. This is high on his priority list I don’t doubt.

  • Sal

    Father said something recently in a sermon on parenthood that stuck with me, though mine are all grown: God knows that you’re living in 21st century America. He will not fail to give you the graces to deal with that, if you ask for them.