The People’s Democratic National Security State of Heaven

…where our police increasingly regard citizens as enemies with whom they are at war, not as fellow citizens of a free people they are to protect.

Not surprising really, since that’s the way our Ruling Class sees us, and they give the orders.

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  • Cathy D

    So will the LAPD be using those surveillance cameras at LA beaches where it is now illegal to throw frisbees and footballs? Your tax dollars at work!

    So glad I go to the Gulf coast (when I can afford to go.)

  • RLM

    I don’t disagree that security measures have gotten Orwellian since 9/11 under both Bush and Obama, but I think that’s largely our own (as in the public’s) fault – not just the fault of the politicians. We are are fine with letting perfect strangers see us naked for the sake of air travel. Never mind that Israel, whose security problems are much bigger than ours, doesn’t resort to treating its own citizens like presumptive criminals. Never mind that the best way to catch terrorists and prevent another attack is with good old fashion intelligence. The problem is the public that is willing to sacrifice liberty and rights for some elusive risk-free world.