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I have been Googling for Catholic and Orthodox discussion forums, and while there are many out there, not all are accepting registrations.

It is my belief that as Christians we can all learn from each other. That does not mean converting from one faith to another, but rather just reading and discussing to get a better understanding of faith, GOD, the scriptures, and the ultimate gift of salvation that comes through Christ’s Blood. It is by Christ alone we are saved, and Christ didn’t limit his teachings. When our Saviour walked this earth he reached out to the Samaritan. He ate with the tax collectors. He cured the haemorrhaging woman who touched the bottom of his cloak. Example after example can be found where he followed the “spirit of the law” as opposed to the words of the Jewish laws.

A lot of time an effort has been put in to creating my forum – Apostolic Tradition These initial efforts are just a start. The forum will undoubtedly evolve as I receive feedback, and as inspiration from my prayers guides me.

All that I ask is that you may share the URL for this forum, and invite others to come participate, learn, discuss, and grow. I also extend a personal invitation to you to join and participate in the discussions.

In Christ’s Holy Name……

Could be worth checking out….

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  • Brent

    I appreciate his initiative, but why invent the wheel? http://forums.catholic.com is accepting registrations and already has a vibrant base. Just saying.

  • TheRealAaron

    I have one suggestion for the site creator. When you’re first starting a forum and it doesn’t have a huge community, keep the number of sub-forums small. Right now that site has so many different sections that there’s no way I’m going to check them all (and probably no one will post to a lot of them). Let the sections evolve naturally as your membership posts different types of material.

    That said, the site looks good. I’ll join up and see how it goes!

  • Maiki

    I’ve found good forums at different times for talking about orthodox/catholic issues are the forums at byzcath.org as well as the yahoo group Irenikon. Both those groups have different personality quirks, so you’ll often find people looking for a new venue for chatting. Good luck.

  • Ryan Carruth

    I’m always suspicious when people say “Christ doesn’t limit his teachings.” Limit them to what? Revealed dogma? This, I think, casts a pall on the mission of the Church, which is not merely to have endless discussions with our separated brethren or even those of false religions, but to save the world by bearing witness to the Truth and calling all men to live in harmony with It.

  • Loud

    I think, Mr. Carruth, that he was talking about limiting the ACT OF TEACHING only to only good people, or even only to his fellow Jews.. He taught everyone who would listen (and even people who never listened)

  • Greta

    Check this app in iTunes mame for all catholic people. Very Good . Enjoy

  • Greta

    Sorry the name is ***R.Cards*** Enjoy