Another work of genius from OK Go

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Finding Hope in the Crisis
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Finding Hope in the Crisis

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  • Telemachus

    LOL, the guitar solo part was the best.

    I want to believe that all of this record as depicted without modification, but I find myself a little incredulous. Then again, they do say the following: “The video took 4 months of preparation and 4 days of shooting and recording.” Sounds about right for this kind of work.

    Absolutely ridiculous!

    God bless,

  • Richard Bell

    I get the feeling that someone saw that video of the wooden ball bouncing along a trough, in a forest, hitting sticks to play Jesus, Joy of Mans’ Desire (I think it is an ad for a cellphone), and thought “We could do that”.

  • My favorite video of theirs so far. My kids love it.

  • Chris S.

    That is pretty fantastic. As an ND grad, I’m partial to the one for “This Too Shall Pass” with the purple marching band; it was filmed over spring break (2010?) with the ND marching band, on campus, between St. Joseph’s lake and St. Mary’s lake. I’m not sure the band’s ND connection, but they came and played that song at halftime of a game last year, again with the marching band supporting them.