Courageous 14 Year old Girl Threatened with Death

by dangerous and violent Khristianist Fundamentalists after testifying on behalf of same sex marriage.

Oh! Wait! That’s not *entirely* accurate.

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  • Kirt Higdon

    If you don’t get a few death threats, you’re not very outspoken. I’ve had death threats to my face from sodomite pro-abort activists for praying in front of abortion mills and from militarist patriots for demonstrating against the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. But I cannot think of a single case of any such threat being carried out against anyone. With the sodomites, someone may be vulnerable to using their job, depending on what the job is, and there have been a few cases of vandalizing churches.

    • Kirt Higdon

      Ooops! I meant “losing their job”.

  • Chris M

    Hmm.. now if the situation were REVERSED, I’m sure this would be on a scrolling banner on CNN, MSNBC and certainly HuffPo etc..

    • Well to be fair, if the situation were reversed it would be news. This is dog bites man.

    • Richard Johnson

      Yep…and it wouldn’t get a mention here.

      • Dale Price

        Tu quoque: It makes everything all better.™

        • Richard Johnson

          Hey, whatever floats your boat, Dale. But facts don’t lie.

          “In January, a federal judge ordered the banner removed. The school board is expected to decide Thursday whether to appeal.

          The ruling has prompted an angry backlash from residents. Ahlquist has received death threats and has even been criticized by her own state representative, Peter Palumbo.

          “What an evil little thing. Poor thing,” he told local talk radio station WPRO. “And it’s not her fault. She’s being … trained to be like that.”

          The prayer, which opens with “Our Heavenly Father,” urges students to work hard, be good people and achieve in sports. It ends with “Amen.””

          Glass houses and stones, Mr. Price

          • thomas tucker

            I wouldn’t be so self-righteously sure of that (i.e. that it wouldn’t get a mention here.) And I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts that Mark condemns death threats against this atheist girl too.

            • Richard Johnson

              Likewise, I would not be so self-righteously sure that the MSM has not picked up on this story.

              And like you, I am sure Mr. Shea would roundly condemn any sort of death threats made by any group, even if they were directed at a member of the Nazi Gay Brownshirt Militia. While I disagree wholeheartedly with his position on GLBT issues, I am confident he would not stoop to this level.

              But the point seems to be that, at least in this arena, it’s OK to hold all GLBT activists accountable for the actions of the violent idiots in their midst, but when the violent idiots who wear the Christian label are brought up we are told that “real Christians” (whatever those are) would not do that.

              As Mr. Price said earlier: Tu quoque: It makes everything all better.™

              • Noah D

                Er, no, that’s ‘No True Scotsman’.

                • Richard Johnson

                  You are correct. I intended the tu quoque comment to point back to Mr. Shea’s post. Sorry…I should have been more clear about that.

            • Richard Johnson

              And, if Mr. Shea has indeed mentioned the incident involving Jessica Ahlquist, I will give an apology worthy of Rush Limbaugh himself.

          • Dale Price

            Gawrsh, Mr. Johnson, you are laboring under Atlas-like load of erroneous presumptions in your rebuttal comment.

            The fatal one, of course, is that I (or Mark, who can speak for himself) would endorse death threats against atheists. What was leveled against the atheist girl was reprehensible, and I hope prison terms follow for the threats of violence, just as I am on record for wanting the murderers of abortionists to be executed.

            The second of your erroneous presumptions is that I’m aware of every exercised atheist and his/her campaigns in the public square and/or the backlash that follows.

            The hat trick for your Syllabus of Error is that pointing out death threats by GLBT fanatics is an implied indictment of all persons of homosexual tendency or their supporters. Project much?

            When it takes until your third comment in a thread to offer a boilerplate condemnation of death threats and rape fantasies about a fourteen year old girl, hidden in the midst of a dudgeon-fest that tries to change the subject, the problem is not with the rest of us.

            So, yeah, tu quoque. Pointing to the other guy being worse without acknowledging what your side did is pretty much the definition.


            Nope, no MSM coverage whatsoever.

            • Richard Johnson

              From the article linked to by our host:

              “That is only a small sample. The vitriolic tone of over 2,600 comments posted on The Huffington Post alone, reveal how the “tolerance” promoted by the homosexual movement is anything but tolerant, nothing more than an empty slogan to silence most Americans. In fact, hundreds of additional comments posted across the blogosphere demonstrate just how willing pro-homosexual activists are to deny traditional marriage supporters their freedom of speech. ”

              Do you perhaps think the author of this article is also projecting, Mr. Price? Or do you agree with the implication that all “pro-homosexual activists” such as myself (or brown-shirts, as we are called so often here) are all involved in attempts to silence people by death threats?

              • Dale Price

                You added the “all” to the “pro-homosexual activists.”

                It isn’t in the text itself. If you choose to read it in, that’s your prerogative.

                Once again, you are more far, far more exercised by the potential for sweeping generalizations than you are about actual criminal behavior.

                No, I wouldn’t call you a brownshirt. You’re more of the Albert Speer type, shaking your had sadly at the occasional rudeness but otherwise adhering to the party line.

                I’m beginning to think that the distinction between a gay rights fanatic and a gay rights moderate is this:

                The fanatic breathes murderous threats against you and the moderate sadly explains why you deserve it.

                • Dale Price

                  That would be “shaking your head”, not “had.” Coffee.

            • Richard Johnson

              “The fatal one, of course, is that I (or Mark, who can speak for himself) would endorse death threats against atheists.”

              Mr. Price, where did I suggest that Mark or you would endorse such threats? Did I not say in one of my posts in response to Mr. Tucker: “And like you, I am sure Mr. Shea would roundly condemn any sort of death threats made by any group, even if they were directed at a member of the Nazi Gay Brownshirt Militia. While I disagree wholeheartedly with his position on GLBT issues, I am confident he would not stoop to this level.” Was that not clear enough in stating my belief that had Mark posted about the threats made to Ms. Ahlquist, he would have roundly condemned them?

              It makes me wonder if you are projecting somewhat when you continue with: “When it takes until your third comment in a thread to offer a boilerplate condemnation of death threats and rape fantasies about a fourteen year old girl,…”

              But hey, your mileage may vary. Now excuse me. I need to get by brown shirt back on, lace up my jack boots, and get back to persecuting good Christians such as yourself.

              • Dale Price

                Ah, yes, you did accord Mark a measure of humanity, which in this day and age is welcome. Apologies for misreading you on that.

                But, yeah, it stil took until your third comment to mention the “violent idiots” on your side.

                Your first was the tu quoque “Yep…and it wouldn’t get a mention here” snark.


                Your overriding concern remains the threat of generalizations, and not actual threats of violence.

                It reminds me distinctly of the news coverage following Nidal Hasan’s jihad massacre at Fort Hood: the gun was still smoking and the MSM was wetting itself over concerns of backlash against Muslims.


          • Mark Shea

            Ah! I see. Well of course it’s stupid. So were the death threat posted by the multiple thousands on a major news website with zero attempt by the webelves of said site to rein them in? Or is this one of those stupid things where one moron wrote a nasty note and we are to believe that this is the same thing as the smoldering culture of hate in the Huffpo comboxes? Sound like you are playing that silly game. Nice attempt at tu quoque, but really, you should take a look at your own house, dude. Some pretty nasty creepy crawlies down there in the progressive id. Don’t excuse it, attack it. I’m busy enough with the creepy crawlies in the id of the thing that used to be conservatism.

            • Richard Johnson

              I’m not excusing it, Mark. While I spend most of my time goose-stepping to the homosexual brown shirt anthem, I do find time to support religious freedom by signing petitions and contacting the Obama admin to remind them about the First Amendment, as well as other things that often require me to hide my brown shirt.

              Now, as to the Ahlquist matter, I would ask you to take just a few moments to actually read about it before you comment about “one moron” writing a nasty comment. Certainly morons have attacked her, including a state legislator from the floor of the state house.

              If you really want to make your “tu quoque” argument after checking this stuff out, fine. I’ll listen. I may even go a step further and so a Limbaugh.

              But while I disagree with a LOT that you hold dear, I think you have the integrity to dig a little before dismissing things.

  • It’s Sarah Palin’s fault.

  • Somebody please tell me Richard Johnson is a pseudonym!!!

    • Richard Johnson

      No, it isn’t. Unlike others who love to use the anonymity of the Internet to hide so they don’t have to be responsible for their words, I use my real name. A small thing, but my Depression-era parents taught me integrity, something that I hope I still possess in sufficient quantity to have the courage of my convictions and use my real name when I make a comment.

      Now, Hezekiah…is that a pseudonym?

  • Ed the Roman

    If I wrote for money I’d use my real name. But I don’t, and I have some strong opinions, and I have a real name that is sufficiently uncommon that if one knew it one would be well on their way to having my shipping address and telephone.

    My family isn’t arguing in teh intarwebz, and I don’t intend that they catch crap over it. Besides, a pseudonym was good enough for Publius.

  • Kirt Higdon

    I use my real name that I’ve always gone by as a way of holding myself accountable. As indicated above, I don’t take death threats seriously. Anyone who would threaten my family should probably be advised that I’m the only one in my family who is strongly opposed to pre-emptive war.

    “I know not what effect these men may have upon the enemy, but by God they frighten me.” – Wellington