Dr. Mary Healy…

who I had the great pleasure of meeting in Denver recently, writes about yet another story that reminds us to take off 50 IQ points whenever the MSM covers religion and 100 IQ points when the religion is the Catholic faith:

It was great to meet you in Denver. I’m writing to say hello but also to see if you’re interested in blogging about an appalling case of journalistic ignorance of Catholicism.

The Post published a long article about the Fr. Marcel Guarnizo affair this weekend.

The article mentions Mother of God Community for no reason whatsoever except that it happens to be located in Gaithersburg near Fr. Marcel’s parish, St. John Neumann (and most of the members of the community belong to that parish). Mother of God Community is a small, humble charismatic lay community under the Archdiocese of Washington, which I belonged to for 19 years, and was coordinator of from 2002-08, and still belong to informally. The Post never misses a chance to give the community bad press, as it has in the past.

Then on p. 4 the article informs us that the Catholic Archdiocese in Moscow is part of this community. Undoubtedly the reason for this gaffe is that the official name of the archdiocese of Moscow is the Archdiocese of the Mother of God in Moscow. But of course anyone with the tiniest modicum of knowledge of the Catholic Church would know that an archdiocese cannot be part of a small lay community in another country, not to mention the fact that thousands of Catholic entities bear the name “Mother of God” without thereby being related. I thought for sure this blooper would be corrected by today, but it hasn’t been.

Anyway, I thought if anybody could do a good job calling the Post on the carpet for this, you could… so I thought I’d pass on the idea to you.

Listen close when the MSM covers the Church and you can actually *hear* the brain cells dying.

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  • Sal

    My favorite? The Dallas Morning News once referred to Cdl. Arinze as an “African-American.”
    No, dear- he’s just African.

  • Francis

    Some blunders about religion in the MSM are bad enough to get your blood boiling.

    And some blunders about religion in the MSM are so absurd that they actually make you laugh (at least at first).

    The idea that the Archdiocese of Moscow (the entire Archdiocese!) is part of a small charismatic community in Gaithersburg, Maryland is definitely of the second variety.

  • Marc

    I’m submerged in an awful cold but that Moscow’s-a-part-of-MOG assertion made me laugh out loud. (I worked with MOG volunteers when I worked for the Missionaries of Charity at their hospice Gift of Peace in DC in the mid-90s; I gather from vaguely remembered media reports that the community has had its ‘institutional’ ups and downs, since, but “cultish” is just a gratuitously anti-Catholic slur.)

  • Mark R

    My nephew goes to the school attached to the Mother of God community. If it were cultish his very average Catholic parents wouldn’t send him there.

  • Becky J

    The Mother of God community in Maryland did undergo an investigation and “revamping” process by the Archdiocese of Washington maybe 10-15 years ago. The problems it had are problems that many such “covenant communities” (found often in the charismatic movement) have ended up having. For instance, there was a community in Pennsylvania (possibly called House of God’s Love) that developed similar problems, as did Nebraska’s Intercessors of the Lamb (which was suppressed by its diocese).

    But trust what the Washington Post would have to say about these groups? That’s not something I, as a former resident of the Washington, DC area, would ever do. The Post’s reporters think all Christians are members of a cult!