I did an interview with Nancy Piccione

of Catholic Book Group the other day (re: The Work of Mercy). Check thou it out.

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  • victor

    It’s a good interview and I learned a lot about your book. Unforunately, though, you let her ask all of the questions and so I learned very little about the Catholic Book Group. :-(

  • http://www.mystagogia.net Kathleen Lundquist

    Neat-o! Well done, Mark.

  • http://www.catholicbookgroup.blogspot.com Nancy Piccione

    Mark, thanks for mentioning our interview here! Really enjoyed our discussion.

    Victor, I’m the Catholic Post Book Group is a blog that goes along with my monthly column in the print Catholic Post, newspaper of the diocese of Peoria, IL. (I’m the book page editor there). On the blog, I review books, feature local readers, and do author interviews, among other things. Tabs at the top of the blog take you to prior reviews and author interviews. I’m always looking for good books to review.