The Real Criminals Will Never Be Charged

…in the mass murder in Afghanistan. These would be the members of our Ruling Class who sent a brain-injured soldier back into battle for yet another tour of duty (his fourth!)and all the stresses it entailed, rather than give him an honorable discharge, a huge thank you, and all the rest and therapy he needed after his injury.

Our troops are flesh and blood, not movie action figures. Sending this valiant and deeply self-sacrificial all volunteer force back into battle again and again and again and again in order to maintain the empire–and in such a massive exercise in futility as our Afghan experiment in nation-building–is the real crime here. Something like this was bound to happen.

So now even the Afghanis want us gone. So why are we still there?

Leave Afghanistan. Now.

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  • Mary Alice

    Please pray for my 20 year old daughter who will be sent there in a couple of months. I’m so worried. This is yet more proof that we need Ron Paul as President.

  • brian_in_brooklyn

    While I agree that we’ve been stretching our forces to the breaking point (and perhaps beyond) with the demands that we’ve placed upon them, we do not know all of the circumstances that led up to this incident. Let’s wait for the court martial to see if the perpetrator was another victim or whether he acted with evil intent.

    We DO know that 16 innocent Afghan civilians were murdered. Let’s keep them and all of their innocent compatriots in our hearts and prayers and see that justice is done.

    • Ted Seeber

      Why is “another victim” excluding “acting with evil intent”? Can’t it be both?

  • Tim

    It can’t be good if soldiers are asked to give up their weapons before a visit from the Defense Secretary:

    “In a sign of the nervousness surrounding Mr. Panetta’s trip, the Marines and other troops who were waiting in a tent for the defense secretary to speak were abruptly asked by their commander to get up, place their weapons — M-16 and M-4 automatic rifles and 9-mm pistols — outside the tent and then return unarmed. The commander, Sgt. Maj. Brandon Hall, told reporters he was acting on orders from superiors.”

  • While I largely agree with your sentiments regarding the unprecedented multiple deployment strategy of Our Rulers, so indifferent to the effects on soldiers, it would be naive not to recognize that a military life also attracts people who want to commit socially sanctioned killing. One cannot decry the black hole of death metal, rap and violent video games that is so much of youth culture in one breath and then call all of them heroes in the next after they have joined the military. Reading firsthand accounts of the behavior of some American troops in our imperial wars only confirms the hunch that some very bad people also enlist.
    I don’t know if this man was one of those or someone who just broke, but the fact that he targeted children makes me wonder.

  • Marthe Lépine

    Some time ago, I cannot really remember when, but it was during your former president’s “reign”, and I cannot remember by whom, except it was some friend during a conversation between a number of people… But I heard the cynical comment that maybe the reason the GOP was giving so much lip-service to the fight against abortion could have been because they needed more “cannon fodder”… I have also heard somewhere (recently, but in some definitely non-conservative movie that I won’t name) that the only real employment possibility for the poor in some areas was joining the military… (And don’t accuse me of being a non-patriotic American – I live elsewhere.)

  • Jonathan Carpenter

    You are right! This happens because we have a Congress that is more concerned with doing Insider Trading yet can not find time to debate things like going to war. An example of this occured when Congress “debated” going to Vietnam. It is in a book entitled “While the Senate Slept.” It is by Ezra Siff. He discusses the lack of debate of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution that lead to our involvement in Vietnam.

    The criminal there were not prosecuted then. They will not be now.

  • BillyHW

    But JPII supported the Afghan war. Even the Dali Lama came around to support it.

    (And Mary Alice, what the heck is your daughter doing in the army?)

    • Mark Shea

      And so we are obliged to stay there forever and ever, even when the Afghanis are demanding we live? When are volunteering to go, Billy?

  • Mark,

    I don’t think it’s wise to make a larger political point about this. The ‘real criminal’ is the guy who mowed down women and children. Don’t make him into a symbol or a bullet point in an argument. To do so, IMO, would be to diminish the horror of his crime and the dignity of his victims.
    Also, if I was posted in Afghanistan, I would not like being classified as a potential mass murderer. I would say “I have NOTHING in common with this guy, he’s scum. He’s not like me.”
    That being said, I agree with you that we should no longer be in Afghanistan. It’s pointless to be there without a mission and with a public deadline. Makes no sense. If we’re there, there should be a point to it.

  • Rosemarie


    We can’t just leave like that because it will be seen as us turning tail and running like with Somalia, we will be seen as weak and defeated, blah, blah, blah. Which is all true, of course, though we still should get the heck out of there yesterday. The fact that we can’t… well, the word “quagmire” comes to mind.

    I’m dumbfounded by the rank incompetence revealed in the last two incidents. You would think that after seeing the worldwide Muslim reaction to that doofus pastor burning a Quran, our military would think more than twice before ever touching fire to that particular book. But no, they went right ahead and burned ’em… gee, what possibly could go wrong?

    And now with this brain-damaged soldier being sent right back to the front… how can we expect to run a war with such levels of incompetence? It boggles the mind.