David Larson writes a Defense of Chastity

A civilization in which a slobbering boor thinks it manly to blabber about a woman’s breasts to her face and then accuses another man of being gay when he is exhorted by that man to behave like a gentleman and not a mouth-breathing Neanderthal is a civilization that is desperately sick. David Larson attempts to administer emergency first aid, but I’m afraid the patient is brain dead.

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  • http://grandlarson.com David Larson

    Thanks so much for the link Mark! If you all liked this article, you may also like (prepare for shameless self-promotion)
    which is an article on why our orthodox view on homosexuality is not based on hatred but love of the world, and
    which bemoans the lack of quality entertainment choices for the enormous Christian market that was evident in making Passion of the Christ the most successful R-rated movie of all-time.
    And you may even like …
    which discusses the movement in “ethics” towards accepting things like infanticide, cannibalism, and polygamy. But check ’em all out!
    Thanks again to Mark and the Patheos family,
    David (The Grand Larson) Larson