Gay Brownshirts on the March

What’s that? You’re a Christian t shirt company and you don’t want to print Gay Pride shirts? You shall be punished! Free speech means gays get to force you to confess that homosex is the source and summit of all that is good, noble, true and beautiful. And if you won’t profess this sacred agitprop, you will be destroyed.

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  • Tim

    But if the state allows them to refuse to print such t-shirts, that’s the same as endorsing their beliefs, and that means that the state is endorsing religion.

    I’m half joking, but this is now becoming the standard argument for silencing religions.

    • Tim

      And also forcing them to say what the state wants them to say.

  • Michelle

    One of these days Christians are going to have to learn from St. Thomas More and remain silent in the face of such pressure, while at the same time finding morally acceptable ways to refuse to cooperate. All this company had to do was to say they could not get the order filled by the deadline and then refer the gay group’s business to a competitor that would honor the price. By stating their reason for declining the order, they invited the gay group to bring in the legal beagles to enforce compliance.

    Should Christians have to do this? Of course not. But they must live as innocently as doves in a world of wolves, and they better start learning to do so quickly. We’ll still face the block eventually, as did St. Thomas, but we need not and should not unnecessarily hasten our hour.

    • while at the same time finding morally acceptable ways to refuse to cooperate… etc.

      My answer exactly, Michelle, in every word that you write. Of course “human rights” tyranny is an outrage that should be fought, but as I recently argued at another blog, if the trend is against us then we are going to need to learn how to Play the Game. Every time something like this story happens I see too many on our side wringing their hands because they don’t seem to understand that there is a way to play this game: it’s like chess; the enemy makes one move and we make a counter-move. God is a master chess player and this game’s not over by any means – learn to Play It.

  • Sharon

    all this company had to do was to say they could not get the order filled by the deadline

    What if the group asked when could the company fill the order and agreed with that date?

  • Sandra Miesel

    A comparable situation came up in Indianapolis last year when a cookie bakery was asked to prepare Rainbow treats for a gay event. They refused and were picketed, pilloried in the media etc. But they did successfully argue that they could not be forced to make the equivalent of “political speech” against their will. But Lexington probably has a more draconian Equality ordinance.

    Many of these situations appear to be set-ups by the “victims.”

    • Margaret

      So can we set up some string operations, sending in customers with bogus orders for offensive KKK-spouting shirts? I would hope any number of outfits in Lexington, regardless of the owner’s skin color, would decline to print such trash.

      Pot, meet Kettle?

      • Ken Jones

        Margaret has it cold. Send two males, two females and a mixed couple to the same place for the same order. Refused each time. No discrimination based on sex.
        But actually, it isn’t discrimination based on sex, it’s discrimination (which is in itself not a bad thing–we do it all the time) based on abhorrent behavior. That ok?

  • Michelle

    @ Sharon: Companies get all the info they need about orders before they agree all the time. All they have to do is to get everyone they take an order from to state the date they need the product by before committing to an order. Then they have an escape hatch if they need to decline a job.

    @ Samson: Chess. Precisely. Christians are going to have to start plotting several or more moves ahead of their opponents.

  • joe

    In Satanic Chess, you dont get to win. Lot had no choice, “you are a sojourner here, you are going to judge us! We will do worse to you”. We are not given any choice by corrupted laws and judges. History shows God will have to intervene, and that is the time people scream “I didn’t know”!

  • Darren

    In my work I am asked to bid on work all the time. The jobs I don’t want I bid high. Really people, why get suckered into the agit prop? You can charge what ever you want, if you get the job put the extra profit to good use.

    Be ye as wise as serpents.

  • c matt

    No need to be deceptive (assuming a court would correctly follow the law). While there is a right to free speech, it applies to action of the government, not private individuals. The t-shirt company is under no obligation to provide a forum for the customer’s speech – the t-shirt. The objection was not to selling them T’s, but to the content of what they wanted written on it. In fact, they would not have sold Ts with that content to ANYBODY, gay or straight, so it’s not discrimination against the customers, but against the idea promoted by the customer.

  • c matt

    Incidentally, this principle would apply equally to the NYTimes publishing the anti-catholic ad, but refusing to run an anti-muslim one. It may show the Times to be hypocrites and biased (as if anyone with an IQ above 70 didn’t already know that), but I don’t see how it could be actionable.

    In fact, it would be a great idea for someone to sue the Times over the failure to print the anti-muslim ad, and when the Times wins, use that as precedent to protect others from this type of brownshirt harassment. Wise as serpents, as you say.

  • jorge

    But the shirts are be fa-bu-lous!