I find this both funny and disturbing in some unnameable way. But I appreciate Paul Nowack’s good faith effort.

I’m told we will be heading to Hollywood to ADR the sound on the film pretty soon. Still slated for a premiere at the American Chesterton Society meeting this August. Go here for details about that. I will be there and will give a talk (on “Giving Scandal”, something we actors are good at) as well as for the launch of the film. Your prayers that I do not suck will be appreciated.

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  • Tominellay

    Do you have your SAG card?

    • Mark Shea

      Don’t need one for productions with budgets under $250,000.

  • I have to give some lectures myself, so I share your fear of sucking. “Dear Lord, please don’t let Mark suck. Send Your Spirit down upon all Your servants speaking to Your people so that neither our words nor our delivery suck and so that through our efforts Your people are inspired and brought closer to You, not bored and made resentful. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

  • Ingvar

    I had to look this up and I’m sure I’m not the only one who won’t know it.
    ADR is the process of re-recording the original dialogue after filming for the purpose of obtaining a cleaner, more intelligible dialogue track

  • Lisa

    ***your prayers that I do not s#ck***

    Brother Mark, that “S” word has crept into mainstream usage over the last couple of years. Nonetheless, it is still profane. It still gives certain prudes like me the creeps. I don’t use the word and forbid my children from using it. Think about what you’re asking us to pray for– that you do not commit felacio. That said, I’m sure you’ll do fine, and I can’t wait to see the film. It’s my second favorite GKC novel, just behind Thursday, and just ahead of the Cross and the Ball.

  • Noah D

    I’ll tell you what’s disturbing – it’s that you’re holding (well, okay, the line drawing is of) a Beretta, and this is a Chesterton story! A revolver would be more appropriate, good sir, preferably something iconic. Webley would be my first choice.

  • A Random Friar

    Do visit our Dominican nuns in Hollywood. They make some awesome pumpkin bread and candies.

    Also, more Dominican awesomeness on the north side of LA, at our parish in Eagle Rock, St. Dominic’s, if you need a friar fix.

  • Gary Keith Chesterton

    I hate to say this, Mark, but it looks like your head has been photoshopped into this picture.