It’s not a good sign when the Third Reich is More Tolerant than the US Government

A reader writes:

I was doing some research the other day, was reading the 1933 concordat between the Nazis and the Holy See, and realized they had a broader definition of church activity than the HHS mandate’s religious exemption. Blogged it here.

I thought you might find it intriguing. Also, there’s the quote that Mark Steyn pointed out where a Washington Post person said, “Maybe the Founders were wrong to guarantee free exercise of religion in the First Amendment, but they did…” Blogged here (with video):

Anyway–we really do live in interesting times.

Yeah, the burning itch of the lefty to crush free speech and the rankling resentment of things like the first amendment is one of the perennial facts of American politics. When you know what’s best for everybody, it galls you to hear unanointed people spouting off.

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  • Mark R

    This just meant that the Nazis were smarter than the Obama admin. The Nazis had to co-opt and cooperate with traditional and conservative institutions because all-out National Socialism would be too strong a medicine for the populace. Note that almost all of Nazi Germany’s satellite states were run by conservatives, except Croatia. It would have been going too far too fast if they had all been run by homegrown fascist types. There would have been greater resentment, and some contradictory national policy goals.