More Reasons to Praise God this Easter!

A reader writes to thank youse guys!

You so graciously prayed for my son who is a medical student in Dallas who has been struggling with the affects of major depression. He had received a grade on his final physiology exam that he had assumed was failing and would likely result in his dismissal. Well, after your and your readers’ prayers, he received an e-mail yesterday informing him that he had passed the course with a C. Praise The Lord!

He still has a very long way to go with regard to his cognitive ability, but this has bought him some more time to heal!

Thank you and God bless you!

Thanks be to God through our Lord Jesus Christ! And well done troops!

Also, let us be grateful for brave souls who are willing to support our bishops by going to jail, if necessary, to defy the tyranny of our God King.

We give thanks to you O Lord, for your great goodness to us this Easter and everyday. It is right to give you thanks and praise!

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  • Linda C.

    Absolutely right. Settling for either a religious exemption (which ignores the rights and duties of individuals), or defining the issue solely as a religious freedom question and refusing (as so many have done) to teach the truth about contraception, sterilization and marriage, is conceding a battle which we are called to fight and win. We need to stop giving ground.