My wife and I met this fine young man…

at the Militia Immaculata Retreat at New Year. He is deeply dedicated to Our Lord and determined not to be boxed in by concupiscence and a label. He’s also determined to bear witness to freedom in Christ. Bully for him! One of my heros:

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Happy Creation Day!

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  • rob

    That kid rocks. Just got done with a facebook debate with a gay guy about this. This kid is a St in the making.

  • Adam L

    Thank you for posting this video. Blake makes some very cogent points and comes across as earnest, intelligent and passionate. His courage is an inspiration.

  • Jayjay

    Very beautiful, truly. You’re very young and you’ve got a long road ahead of you, kid. It’s not a well-maintained road, either, I’m sorry to tell you. (because they don’t send the crews out to that road…they’re all taking care of paving and re-paving the “family-oriented” highway). I feel for you. I feel for you especially when you get to that part of the road where the bridge is out. Maybe you’ll find me still standing there and we can figure something out, together.

    Be strong, God is a Father who loves you just as much as he loves that big happy family that just sailed right on by on that big white boat, and remember that your sins at the washed out bridge are no less forgiveable than theirs will be when they reach Niagara Falls.

  • Frank

    This guy is a fantastic – he opened my eyes to see things in a way that few others have done. His complete sincerity draws you in and makes you want to stay with him till the end. I can’t remember the last time somebody in a video made me want to look up a scriture passage a read it whilst playing the video at the same time.