This post is an experiment…

to see if this post is a successful experiment. If it posts to Facebook and Twitter, this post is a successful experiment. If this post is a successful experiment I will read it on Facebook and Twitter. If I do not read it on Facebook and Twitter I will know the experiment which is this post was not successful because I won’t be able to read it. If you read it here, you will know it posted here, but not there which will indicate a failure in my experiment.

That is all.

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  • Mark Shea

    This post is a successful experiment.

  • EdL

    This was one of your better posts.

    (Just kidding.)

    • Mark Shea

      Your comment was successful.

  • Steve P

    All your base are belong to us.

  • Ken Jones

    Anybody notice how Old-Testament-ish the writing is? Tee hee.
    One of us is losing his mind.
    I suppose I’ll volunteer.

  • Br. Gabriel, OP


    What program are you trying? I’ve been looking for an App that can do a good job posting to multiple social media sites with a simple interface.

  • Pat

    Next I suppose you will experiment on Schroedenger’s cat now that you are done with me. IF you think I’m there for you…..

  • Caine

    I am guessing this won’t work unless we are friends in Facebook?

  • Dan F.

    So I tried to friend you on Facebook but was told that you had reached the limit of number of friends (apparently 5004). I am now subscribed to your public updates. c’est le vie.

  • Brandon Vogt

    Facebook and Twitter don’t exist. You can’t prove them through the scientific method, and they are a crutch for weaklings, “the greatest force for evil in the world. “

  • Linebyline

    Uh, Mark? Did Patheos pull a Wikia and pull your blog theme out from under you?

    Also: There’s got to be a Portal joke in here somewhere…