Total Tim Powers Bait

A bunker in LA built in anticipation of the triumph of the Third Reich. There’s a whole alternative history yarn waiting to be told here.

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  • Brent

    Thats pretty cool but how do they know that was a future Hitler headquarters? I’d like to see the evidence saying Hitler even heard of the place.

  • Frank Weathers


    • “Hello, I’m Dr. Martin Candle, and your job at that covert Nazi compound will be to…”

  • Mark, this is awesome. Throw in body-switching, blood-sucking hot-chick spirits, djinn, the ghosts of some Enlightenment philosophers, and a beer-swilling protagonist, and you’ve got the makings of an awesome Tim Powers story.

  • Ted Seeber

    Eh, I think I’d rather live in a missile silo.

  • Edgewise

    Interesting–basically, a bunch of wannabe quislings/vichyists.
    Were there any other examples of this here and in other countries?–and (that is to say), outside “obvious”[?] ethnic-German communities? (e.g. Sudetenland, perhaps parts of formerly-Prussian areas of Poland and/or the Baltics, etc.)

    If there were, to what extent was this an “emergent” phenomenon, and to what extent was this the result of covert manipulation?

    “Emergent”? Well, yeah–ISTR/IIRC, during the Napoleonic Wars there was a community of self-hating Britons who *really* wanted to see their country go down…. IIRC, these folks weren’t the zombies of French spies or anything like that–there were sorta/kinda like the equivalent of the kind of self-hating Americans one sees among today’s PC-types (as well as [albeit to a somewhat smaller extent] among certain Paleocon or extreme-libertarian types).

    Hmm—also wondering if there’s a “Japanese” equivalent to this….

    Anyone think this story might inspire perhaps some member of the Beijing poliburo?