Words Cannot Begin to Express my Pride and Joy…

…at discovering that Buffalo, NY–my dad’s home town–is the unofficial Dingus Day Capitol of the World.

What’s Dingus Day, you ask? Behold, there is a website for everything!

If you want me, I will be blessing somebody with dihydrous monoxide.

Wheeee! Happy Easter!

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  • Andy

    We lived in Buffalo for several years – first let me say we miss it – it has festivals that are truly spectacular – Dyngus Day, St. Joseph’s Day tables, St. Patrick’s Day, the Newman Parish associated with UB Law school has a Red Mass for Law Students with local judges invited presided over by the Bishop ( my daughter and son had the honor of being altar servers for one), most parishes have their version of carnevale, most parishes have a blessing of food on Holy Saturday – the list is endless. It is easy to make fun of Buffalo, but having lived there it one of the few places where I can say that all are welcome.

  • Clare Krishan

    URL correction http://www.dyngusdaybuffalo.com/
    Praying (Polish red-white reminds me – Divine Mercy novena in progress!) in PA.