Dear Department of Homeland Security

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  • Ryan

    Dude why do you have to bum me out with bad news all the time. Can’t I just be happy watching my tv shows and eating my out of season strawberries?

    Also, pork, cloud, and Mexico. There now I’ve done it.

  • Richard Bell

    The image conjured to my mind by the NYT story is that of Stalin going over the lists of people rounded up by purges. Apparently, he would scan through the lists each day, initialing every page and signing the last page. Basically, he tried to personally take part in the imprisonment and execution of millions. The difference between Stalin and Obama is that Obama’s lists are shorter.

  • Anna

    The bit about it being like having a priest in charge of the hit lists made me think “Wait, I thought albino assassin monks were a *bad* thing!”
    And, @Richard Bell, I agree, I don’t see how the ruler personally signing off on the kill list is quite the protection from abuse that the NYT seems to think it is.

  • Big Sista

    Very funny Mark Shea!! This is your personal drone and I am flying over your house now and saw you write these cynical and very unfunny remarks about National security. Please report to DHS and then onto GITMO. Thank you.

  • Big Sista

    Mark, Hey! Didn’t I tell you to report to DHS??? NOW Mr!! I am watching you…g-e-t m-o-v-i-n-g…hey put that down, I see what you are doing..put that shotgun down…heyyyyyy…………………………