From what used to be Europe

…a reader writes:

You may be interested in reading the former Archbishop of Canterbury Carey’s comments about Christianity in the UK ( I am Catholic) .

I was born in England and lived there until 2001 and I can confirm his comments. I know live in Sicily which, thank God, is a very Catholic place and I think we should all pray for the Christians in the UK.

Father, help your Church weather this period of hostility–and Europe to repent and escape this act of suicide. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Mother Mary, pray for Europe.

Speaking of which, Bullies for Buggery in Spain are doing their patented Crushing Free Speech trick while here in the US bishop Jenky is being assaulted via the IRS for protesting our God King’s attack on the Church. How dare he slug the One in the fist with his nose like that?

The question is not whether the Church will survive persecution in the West. It’s whether the West will survive persecuting the Church. Meanwhile, in the global south and Asia, the Church continues to explode in numbers. The problem the Church faces is not decline, but insufficient numbers of vocations to handle the vast ocean of converts pouring in–including, by the way, unprecedented numbers of converts in the Islamic world.

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  • Kirt Higdon

    Isn’t an influx of converts bound to precede rather than follow an uptick in vocations? Hasn’t it worked this way since Pentecost? As you indicate, the Church is doing fine; it’s the West that’s dying and so far without receiving the last Sacraments.