God love Gianna Jessen!

Powers and principalities get totally pwned. Sings the National Anthem to great applause at Planned Parenthood celebration, then informs the attending poobahs of the culture of death that she is an abortion survivor.

I had the honor meeting Gianna a couple of years ago. Beautiful. Sweet. Intelligent. Formidable. God loves her and the devil hates her guts. She’s just where she needs to be.

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  • Chris M

    My favorite part is the utterly predictable spin put on it afterwards by the media. It wouldn’t matter if the Second Coming happened; the NY Times would probably run a header like “Conservative Christian Icon Pushes for Theocratic Rule”

    • Noah D

      “Women and Minorities Hit Hardest”

    • Telemachus

      “Pro-Life Activists Politicize Cerebral Palsy”

  • Charlie

    Ted Harvey deserves some praise too. I wish I lived in Colorado so I could vote for him.

  • Kevin J

    Note that the story is from 2006. Still heartwarming.

  • Loud

    Who is this Harvey guy and why am I only hearing of him now?

  • Ink

    Bam. That’s one heck of a way to make a point.

  • Alfredo Escalona

    Didn’t know this had happened.
    Reading this took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes.
    My God, to be given a moment like this, and to recognize it, and to fearlessly deliver the blow.
    I have two new heroes tonight.

    Thank you, Mark.

  • BHO

    Heh heh…the tide is turning because the truth will not be hidden…