Navigating Medjugorje

In which a reader asks how I look at the controversial “apparition”.

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  • Tominellay

    I, too, think Medjugorje is a fraud; there’s a power struggle and there’s lots of money at stake, and the question of where loyalties lie…

  • Elaine S.

    When the alleged apparitions began in the early 1980s, I believed they were genuine as did many of my friends in the charismatic movement at that time. However, the longer they went on the more suspicious I became. Most genuine or “worthy of belief” apparitions occur for only a limited time (Bernadette’s visions at Lourdes lasted about 4 months, and the Fatima apparitions occurred over 6 months) and cease once the message has been successfully delivered. At Medjugorje, however, the “Gospa”, instead of delivering her message and stepping aside as one would expect of a woman possessed of perfect humility, seems to not know when to shut up. These apparitions have now allegedly been going on daily, at predictable times, for more than 30 YEARS! That’s one huge “red flag” right there. I wonder if, as Fr. Groeschel has suggested, perhaps the initial or early apparitions were genuine, but later ones have either been fake, demonic, or the result of mental/emotional disturbance?

    • Mark Shea

      I think the whole thing was bushwah from the start. The kids found a lucrative and popular wave and have ridden it for 30 years.

      • Ted Seeber

        I’ve seen enough “real personal experiences” from Medjugorie to know it’s not ALL a fake. But I don’t see *any* of it as supernatural either. And the idea of visions every day at the same time for 30 years, well, that just smells very bad to me indeed.

    • Marie

      Dear Elaine,
      “…instead of delivering her message and stepping aside as one would expect of a woman possessed of perfect humility, seems to not know when to shut up. ”
      If you are wrong, and the apparitions are real, you owe our Mother an apology.
      Also, It’s odd to me that some people claim to know God’s plans.

      Best wishes,

  • ivan_the_mad

    Indeed. I stay away from such things until such time as the Church’s findings are made known.

  • I wish the Vatican could officially condemn this sooner rather than later. Many Protestants I’ve talked to are under the impression that this is a “Catholic hoax.” They wonder how I could continue to defend the Catholic Church while at the same time acknowledging that Medj. is a hoax.

  • Jim L’Esperance

    Over 85 cardinals & bishops have visited Medjugorje and John Paul ll said,”Let the people go…since
    ‘the fruits of the Spirit are evident there.” The church cannot approve the apparitions until they are finished.I’ve been to Fatima,Portugal and Lourdes, France and seen ‘the miracle of the sun’ over 200 times & shown it to my parents, friends and my son John-a computer programmer. All scientific studies are complete and available. Results?? “The catholic chirch would be wise to accept
    these events as supernatural and from god.” You can read them yourselves. God is good!!!