Off to our Hidden Island Redoubt!

Even a Dark Lord needs a break sometimes so, as is the Shea custom every Memorial Day weekend, we shall be giving ourselves up to four days of jollification and merriment at our Hidden Island Redoubt. There shall be eating of pancakes, extensive walks in wood and on beach, singing, bird-watching, frisbees, wine by the campfire, a chance of clams, naps, reading, visiting with friends, and long walks, as well as Mass in this charming Church:

I will give thanks for all y’all being such fine readers!

See you Tuesday!

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  • not sure where this is for real but it reminds me of a chapel on Jekyll Island in Georgia.

  • Ted Seeber

    Someday I’ll have to find out what island in the Puget Sound that is on, and visit it.

  • Ted Seeber

    I thought MAYBE I’d be able to find this picture online someplace, but my search for images of Puget Sound Island Catholic Churches showed only either modern trendy post-1975 “Churches in the round” or ones from this era with the bell tower nicely centered instead of off to one side.

    I must admit though, I am impressed by the number of Catholic parishes on islands in the Puget Sound- must be the influence of the French Franciscians on the Salish Nation.

  • Margaret

    Mark– the fam is planning a camping trip in the “Pacific Northwest” this summer, with a non-existant itinerary at the moment. Any suggestions on locales, campgrounds, etc. that simply must not be missed?

  • trespinos

    @Ted. Just right-click on the photo itself (in IE, at least) and choose “Properties”. All you wish to know is available at the link shown there. You were put off-track by assuming it’s a Catholic church.

    (I believe Mark has revealed the island’s identity in a years ago post, so I’m not disclosing a secret here.)

  • Will

    Hello, we’re from Island Fortress Cleaning Services.

    What’s that? “Reactor Button, Do Not Push”?