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Terry Nelson, takes issue with the notion of chaste gay folk as “victim souls”. I can see his point (Terry is himself a chaste SSA guy) and can understand his leeriness at making the whole business the focal point of one’s life by perpetually dwelling on it, instead of putting the focus on Jesus.  At the same time, I think it *is* salient for people who are not afflicted with the temptation to recall the points Michael Voris makes in his video.  I suspect it’s a classic case of one member of the body doing legitimately for another what another member cannot do for himself.  And I do think that any innocent suffering in union with Jesus is a help to the whole body, the sufferings of gay Christians very much included.  So I think it’s possible to adopt the attitude Voris points to in his video, while also affirming Terry’s points as well.

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  • To me, the best solution is to take SSA as we would any other disordered appetite. Folks with it are no different than anyone else. They shouldn’t be treated differently than anyone else. That’s one way, or another, despite what our modern society would have us believe. It seems that once we try to say SSA is different than anything else, we begin to go down the path that so many Protestant denominations went when trying to sort out this issue, again, one way or another.

    • Jayjay

      Yeah, Dave, I see what you mean. A glutton, for example, can’t so much as entertain the thought of eating a bite of food, ever, in his lifetime, and must go without food entirely until the day he dies, so what makes Catholics with SSA so different?

  • Carbon Monoxide

    Whatever happened to “to each his own”?