You may want to sit down for this…

You may want to sit down for this… May 23, 2012

…but a stark–and really quite compassionate contrast–to the approach of the Jerks for Jesus who tell SSA people that their form of temptation is somehow not merely temptation but sin itself is (surprise!) found in this generous and thoughtful video from Michael Voris:

I think this is really quite a beautiful approach to the matter. Please do not tell anyone I posted this, because it is a scientifically established fact that I bear an irrational hatred for Voris and never have anything good to say about him, not that I disagree with him on certain points and think is approach is often dangerous and demagogic. What will be entertaining is the explanation my readers who have me all figured out will give for my praise of this good, compassionate, and generous video. I could, of course, explain that I say this because I think Voris’ urging compassion, respect, and love rather than Sungenis-style contempt calculated to drive SSA folk away from Jesus is good and decent. But who would believe *that*?

Anyway, well done, Mr. Voris.

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