San Francisco: Land of Emperor Norton I

San Francisco official claims he contacted Harvey Milk through a Ouija board –

Turns out Harvey is manifesting through the ether to insist on naming a Navy boat after himself.

Apparently the Spirit World has repealed “Don’t ask, don’t foretell”.

I’m here all week folks.  Try the veal!

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  • Mark R

    Milk was a Naval officer once, but if we named every ship after a naval officer…

  • bob

    If you doubt this, just talk to Bishop Pike via the same medium (OH! Did I say that???).

  • ivan_the_mad

    I half expected the link to take me to Spirit Daily … 😛

  • Ted Seeber

    I understand the point is about the spiritualism or paganism or whatever, but why is the city of San Francisco getting to name a Navy Vessel in the first place? Isn’t that the federal government’s job?

    • Paulus Magnus

      It isn’t, the Secretary of the Navy does. Doesn’t mean that there can’t be petitions and cities asking for particular names of course (unfortunately, the good petitions, like bringing back the traditional carrier names, get ignored).

  • brian_in_brooklyn

    OK, I LOLed :-)

  • caroline

    We never knock Norton our Emperor around here. Is there anyone to compare with him nowadays in the Emperor biz?

  • James

    No word yet on which warship they’ll choose, but my money is on a cruiser

  • Will

    I am sure Norton I would have treated this demand with all the respect it deserves.

  • http://LovetheEmperorNortonstory Ingvar

    I had never heard of Emperor Norton before now. It’s an absolutely wonderful story. You can’t defer to every mentally ill person that way, but it’s wonderful that it happened and that people were relaxed enough to let him do what he did and enjoy it. I’m glad Mark posted this. It’s a reminder that at times we did remember that human dignity and worth isn’t eclipsed by mental illness and we can respect the deeply human aspirations that he expressed in quite eccentric ways because of his illness. My opinion of San Francisco (in the darker parts of my imagination simply the home of dirty hippies and militant homosexuals) has just gone up considerably.