This cracks me up

Nobody listens to my theory that Romney is either Kang or Kodos and that each night, he removes the rubber human mask to relax and dine on live mice. I could be wrong, of course. But what evidence do you actually have for that?

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  • John C

    Thinly veiled malice. Hang in there, Willard!

  • Andy, Bad Person

    I’m high on the list of dislike for Romney, and I suspect he’s a robot as well, but this video seemed petty. His laugh? Really?

  • SecretAgentMan

    Pure James Lipton. IAS rocks.

  • trespinos

    Yup, evident malice. Now, this sort of thing done to Richard Nixon really was valid. See MAD Magazine’s classic “Run Dick, Run!” and “Giving Dickie the Bird” segments of 1969-1970.

    • John C

      I would respectfully suggest that Mad Magazine making fun of a presidential candidate is a lot different from this smarmy weasel criticizing Romney. Mad Magazine is mostly pure adolescent fun (if I remember correctly). No so with Mr. Lipton’s effete insights.

      • Mark Shea

        You may be the only person in the United State to feel passion about Romney. A remarkable achievement.

      • trespinos

        John C., I agree completely. “Valid” was a poor choice of words. Malice is never valid and Mr. Lipton’s bile is certainly nowhere as humorous as MAD Magazine’s satiric thrusts against Nixon. That was the point I was trying to make.

        And Mark, passion about a Prez candidate is what got us Obama. We don’t need it.

        • Mark Shea

          Don’t worry. You will never detect a scintilla of passion about Romney from me.

  • Meggan

    I thought it was funny.