Today’s Chance to Do a Work of Mercy

From: visitation mission <>
Date: Tue, May 1, 2012 at 3:05 PM
Subject: help for a pregnant mom
Dear Co-Workers,

We are currently serving a young woman who is courageously choosing life despite early temptations to have an abortion. She already has two young children and is fighting off pressures from the father of the baby and friends to have an abortion. In recent months this young woman has returned to the sacraments and is striving to change her life and trust in the Lord’s plan for her.

Unfortunately, she is now in the last stages of eviction by her landlord. In these last few days he has, however, agreed to write a letter for her, which is needed for her application to receive public assistance for subsidized housing. She would be able to stay in the apartment with this assistance. The letter it is contingent upon her paying the landlord $600, which she will owe him to cover what preferential rent will not pay. This is in order to cover the balance for three months ($200 each month). We are very happy to reach this agreement.

Now, we are trying to raise the funds for this young woman and are hoping to do so soon. Any support you might be able to offer would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much for your prayers and generosity.

In Christ Our Life,

Sr. Grace Dominic, S.V.


We check our e-mail Monday through Thursday, once daily. If you are in need of a timely response, please call (212) 737-0221.

“When we come to know Christ… When our heart beats with Christ’s heart, we see every human life differently. We look into the womb of every mother, and see the image of the Son of God.” Our founder – John Cardinal O’Connor

It’s a small amount. Do step up and email or call them.

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  • Ted Seeber

    It’s such a small amount that I have to wonder about the national appeal for funds. Seems to me there’d be a local KofC council that could take care of something like this relatively easily (I say relatively easily, because my own brand new council raised $600 for exactly this kind of need administered by a local-to-Portland homeless ministry just this past Sunday).

    Has Archbishop Dolan angered the local KofC and I didn’t hear about it?

  • Our Heroine

    Allow me to clarify, since I sent Mark the email. I am one of the volunteers for the Sisters of Life in New York. As a volunteer, I get group emails from the Sisters periodically when a pregnant woman needs assistance of a kind the Sisters don’t have on hand. Often, what they need is quite concrete: a desk, a used car, someone who has time to help a new mom build a crib. I don’t ever send those to Mark, because obviously someone in Kansas can’t logically ship a desk to New York City.

    In this instance, when I got the email from the Sisters asking for money to help a struggling pregnant woman pay her back rent, I thought it was an opportunity to get help from all over. Checks are easy to mail! But let me be clear, the Sisters of Life and Archbishop Dolan are still very dear to one another! This has nothing to do with the KofC, and there is no undercurrent of church politics at play. It’s just a simple email shared “nationally” by a lay volunteer (me), not the Sisters themselves.

  • Our Heroine

    And many THANK YOUs to Mark for posting, I hope this struggling woman makes her back rent and then some!

  • I just spoke with one of the sisters (who was returning my call) and they have already received far more than the original $600! God is good.

  • Our Heroine

    Thank you to everyone who contributed, and to Mark for posting!

  • Ted Seeber

    Please tell me she made her rent- I can’t give this week as I give locally to such things and generously.

    I brought up KofC- because this is the sort of think my own council likes to do!