I think what the lawyer should have said was that *the UK*…

has become a dangerously totalitarian organization with no regard for freedom or diversity“.

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Andrew McCabe’s Statement on His Firing
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Andrew McCabe’s Statement on His Firing
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"Goℴgle is paying all people 98 dollars per hour to complete easy jobs off a ..."

Andrew McCabe’s Statement on His Firing

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  • Christopher Beevers

    A comment frequently heard in the UK in the ‘must be blind in terms of loyalty to .. the Service is’ …. “I say nothing!!!”
    A Military Veteran.

  • Marion (Mael Muire)

    Of course the UK is a totalitarian entity whose one-time embrace of freedom and diversity in the civil realm was extinguished with the Act of Supremacy (1534). Freedom and diversity, cannot, however be altogether expunged forever, for they spring from the highest ideals of noble hearts everywhere, and born anew with each succeeding generation, they gradually made their way back into English public life. But only to a certain extent.

  • Sandra Miesel

    Except for Muslims, of course. Secularist rules aren’t enforced against them

  • Oregon Catholic

    Just based on the info in the article, I think she went about presenting her concerns in an unprofessional way and that likely is what got her in trouble. This is a topic that should have been brought up in a venue where the patient practice standards were reviewed and discussed. She might have been ignored or even ridiculed but it is the only professional thing to do. Giving a religious -based pamphlet to another employee wasn’t smart. As someone in the medical profession it would have raised my concerns if I was her co-worker that she might be practicing outside the agreed upon norms, despite probably agreeing with the content. Regardless of personal opinion a medical professional has to work within the system as it is, attempt change it through proper procedure, or leave. You don’t get to wing it on your own even when you are morally right – you have to work to change the system or leave if it’s untenable.

  • Mel

    I agree with Sandra.