In the future…

they will just call in a drone strike, kill everyone in the vicinity, and then call them “suspected bank robbers”.

I think the cop who ordered this should be fired and the every person handcuffed should sue the city for a million dollars. This is America, not the Soviet Union.

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  • Wow. Wonder what would have happened to the poor sap who actually stood up for his rights as an American and refused an un-warrented (without a search warrent) search of his car. Probably would have been taken out of his car, handcuffed, and watched helplessly while the police went through his vehicle without the warrant.

    Oh wait!

    The Constitution is truly just a piece of paper anymore. And our citizens fully committed to “the ends justifies the means.” I bet if anyone asserts this is ghastly, the most common response will be “but they caught the guy! All is good!”

  • David

    One omission from the article (that was mentioned in the source linked) is that the police pulled everyone out AT GUNPOINT. My jaw is still hanging open.

  • David

    Frankly, it’s not much different than if they went door to door in some neighborhood, handcuffing and searching peoples homes because they thought a suspect was there. Absolutely frightening…

  • Jake

    Thanks for posting this Mark, I didnt know about it and it was just a few blocks from my house! I can attest to the poor quality of Aurora police, a few months ago i witnessed 2 little kids not older than 8 running across six lanes of busy traffic with no parents to be seen and a cop drove right past them not bothering to stop. And Forbes ranked Aurora in their top 10 safest cities! Ha!

    • Ted Seeber

      Forbes definition of a safe city is that it has million dollar homes behind a wall with a locked gate.

      • Jake

        FYI Aurora is considered one of the poorer cities in Colorado.

  • Joseph

    I’d like to know if the suspect that was apprehended in the very last car searched was just another officer posing as a suspect in order to save the department from the never-ending stream of lawsuits they would have most definitely gotten had no suspect been found. When are they going to release his name and identity?

    Some obviously brain-dead thick in the combox for that story said, “they did their jobs exceptionally well”. I’m sure if he was one of the ones pulled out of his car at gunpoint, cuffed, and perched on a sidewalk while cops ransacked his car for two hours, he’d think a bit differently. We’re definitely a bunch of cowards in this country. All it would have taken was two or three of those innocent (temporarily guilty) citizens to refuse arrest and refuse an illegal search without a warrant and the others would have followed. This would have forced the police to either forcefully arrest the whole lot of them (making them a target for lawsuits and suspension) or they would have had to back down from their little “sheep test” exercise. I wonder how many of those people affected by this are complaining about it over a beer or posted something about it on their Facebook page… then went right back to watching primetime television for the rest of the evening?

  • Ted Seeber

    “The search lasted between an hour and a half and two hours, and it wasn’t until the final car was searched that police apprehended the suspect.”

    What you are looking for is always in the last place you look.

  • Sandra Miesel

    Last year, a Canadian merely asked American border guards why they wanted to search his car, (Note: he didn’t refuse, he merely questioned.) For this affront, he was manhandled, arrested, jailed, then released the next day (in the winter) without coat or car and left to make his way back over the border as best he could. Subsequently found guilty of “resisting” officers, he is now barred from ever entering the US again.

    • Mark Shea

      Stalin is winning the Cold War.

      • Ted Seeber

        Stalin won the cold war a long time ago.

  • Andy, Bad Person

    According to the article, they ALL consented to having their vehicles searched. Where were the guts in this group? I’ve got nothing to hide, and I would have said no in a heartbeat. Something stinks (even more) about that aspect of the story. I strongly doubt that no one stood up.

  • CK

    “One omission from the article (that was mentioned in the source linked) is that the police pulled everyone out AT GUNPOINT.”

    The sad reality is that most cops these days are complete, complete cowards. Their too afraid of everyone. The most important virtue of a policeman should be courage, and that courage should include being willing to utilize the weapons they are intursted with in a sparing manner. Yes, that might mean more cops dying in the line of duty. However, death is an important part of their duty, which is why the community should grieve the way it does when a cop is killed. But, if the cops betray the public trust and are detrimental to the common good, they should face punishment more severe than the general public, because they are entrusted with upholding the common good.

  • Hezekiah Garret

    Before I say my peace, let me preface it with this, just because someone deserves something doesn’t mean its right for you or I to give it to them.

    But this is the tiny sliver of the iceberg, and cops deserve a bullet in the head for putting on the badge and going out in public among a ‘free people’ in this day and age. I work in public safety, I know a lot of cops. I really feel for the 2 or 3 decent folks who have no place else to feed their families, yet, but they see the problems and are working toward other, more decent and less cowardly, career paths..

    • Jared

      Alright, look, any cop who does something like this deserves to lose their badges and face criminal charges. That doesn’t give you the right to judge every officer out there. Believe it or not, families of police officers don’t like being told “Hey, your brother’s job is cowardly, he deserves a bullet to the head unless he’s looking for a braver (but less dangerous) career.”

      Think, then type, Hezekiah.

  • Nothing surprises me anymore. But these things make me increasingly angry. What a bunch of horseshit, both the jackbooted cops and the sheeple who let this happen without demanding so much as a warrant.

  • I suspect you’re right, and yeah, that is some picture.