Journalists: Your intellectual superiors


Microsoft’s Xbox team is busy gearing up for the big E3 video game convention next week, but they must have stopped to chuckle over this inadvertent product placement.

A BBC television report on the very serious topic of the crisis in Syria inadvertently used a logo from the Halo game franchise as if it were a real United Nations emblem — providing a lesson to media  organizations everywhere about the dangers of quick online image searches.

For the record, that’s the emblem for Halo’s “United Nations Space Command,” not the real United Nations Security Council.


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  • Tim

    BREAKING: BBC is reporting that a U.S. Soldier was killed in Syria when he was crushed by a barrel thrown by a giant gorilla nicknamed “Donkey Kong” by locals.

    The soldier’s name is reported to be Mario, known by friends as “Super Mario”. He is survived by his brother Luigi. Officials are hopeful that Mario has a few more “lives” and can try again.

    For more details, please insert one quarter.

    • A Pentagon source told media outlets that the attack which cost Pvt. Mario his life was instigated by intelligence reports which turned out to be faulty. The princess was in another castle.


      • Tim

        Sources say that Mario was after a “magic flute” which reportedly would “allow [him] to skip a few levels”, believing the princess to be located at one of the higher levels.

  • Or they’ve accidentally leaked… THE TRUTH.

    Submitted for your approval: a tale about a man who thinks he’s playing an innocent video game, when, in fact, he’s controlling one of an army of synthezoid commandos. He thinks he’s taking a trip to the E3 convention, but he’s about to step into… the Twilight Zone.

    • B.E. Ward

      There’s a good book about that very thing! Ender’s Game.

  • Clare Krishan

    Apropos journalists, while on your island redoubt over the Memorial weekend, May 29 came and went :
    the birthday of GKChesterton
    Zac Alstin has this worthy take down of fellow journalist putting down the great chronicler of paradox:

    We’d be well advised of the prescience of so many of the quotes on the tyranny of relativism and its ilk (conceived not in the 1930s as Hitchens critiques, but rather in the 1870s as GCK ably demonstrates) that it warrants a bookmark for future reference!