Meditations on the Rosary

The Visit of Mary to Elizabeth

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  • Christopher Beevers

    Hi Mark, hope that you are well. It has seemed to myself that the meditations aspect of the Rosary is often neglected. My suggestion is that the Catholic Truth Society’s version of the Rosary Meditations should be printed out on several different cards, different people to read from the cards, one sentence of the meditation for each card. It seems something like this is needed to stop some groups completely omitting the meditation. Have personally witnessed, similar to a vast number of others, the Church Rosary groups gaining a very bad reputation as they omit meditations, chris.

  • KML

    Ah, the joy of finding a Christian friend, especially when one thinks one is all alone! I’ve never thought of the annunciation this way before…such a beautiful and timely thought.

    • KML

      Oops! Scratch that, reverse it. Visitation, not annunciation. Fingers working faster than brain today.