The Poisonous Fruit of Michael Voris’ Work

Lifesite News issues a bulletin instructing the faithful to do what Voris acolytes always do: delude themselves that in attacking faithful Catholics they are bravely standing up to a shadowy liberal conspiracy when in fact they are living in a fantasy world. Readers in the combox immediately comply, slandering good Abp. Vigneron, just as, at the bidding of Voris, they previously slandered good Bp. Mulvey, SOLT, EWTN, the Register, CNA, and lots of other good and faithful Catholics who have dared to question or criticize… Michael Voris.

Ahem. Nothing in this pattern has changed since last year:

What’s going on then? Only this: Voris and his defenders in the comboxes are not really attacking Progressive Dissenters in this and several other contretemps. They are, by and large, attacking faithful Catholics in conservative Catholic media and labeling them as Progressive Dissenters.

Consider: …Would any normal healthy Catholic say that the Catholic News Agency is staffed by people devoted to “PC enforcement, demonizing of outspoken orthodoxy, and propagation of modernism”? Could any sane person talk as though the Register is dedicated to the protection of “libs and progressives and dishonest people who hate what he says about Catholic doctrine.” Only people who either cannot think or cannot grasp minimal standards of honesty and decency can say that is staffed by CINOs and socialists who “support abortion, gay marriage and a host of issues that are DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED TO CHURCH TEACHING.”

Seriously, people need to think about how absolutely ridiculous that looks to any normal healthy Catholic. So why do so many Voris fans fling such wild charges despite the fact that there is absolutely no evidence for them?

Answer: They write such things because Michael Voris urges them to think and say such things. For it is his perennial habit to declare that his mission is to trap and expose “lies and falsehoods” — not mistakes, differences in taste or approach, or well-intended but poorly executed prudential actions: lies and falsehoods. In short, he begins by characterizing those he criticizes as heretics, enemies of the Church and fifth columnists who must be “exposed.” Yet he often does so in such a way as to give himself a backdoor for denying that he is poisoning the well.

Exhibit A: Mr. Voris’ analysis of the Fr. Corapi scandal. Short story for those who missed it: Fr. Corapi was a popular priest who, as investigation showed, was behaving in ways which made him “unfit for the priesthood” as SOLT put it. His bishop (Mulvey of Corpus Christi) and superiors in SOLT took a whole lot of abuse from fans who refused to consider the possibility that Fr. Corapi could possibly be in the wrong. Eventually, Fr. Corapi abandoned his priesthood, was discovered to have been engaged in fornication and drug abuse (among other things), betrayed his vows, attacked his bishop as a libeler and a blackmailer and started the process of reinventing himself as the absurd superhero “The Black Sheepdog.”

How did Michael Voris respond? Referring to Corapi, he cast the whole thing in his standard Culture War template and suggestively told his followers who the real villains and hero in this drama were. Eulogizing Corapi, Mr. Voris declared, “He unabashedly talked about the angry homosexual subculture that controls so much of what goes on. He blasted unfaithful bishops … meaning not only the obvious ones but also the ones who quietly and cowardly sit back and let heterodoxy and heresy spread unchecked. It isn’t a stretch of the imagination to conclude many of the enemies he made and noses he got out of joint among the bishops and their lapdog media lackies are glad to see all of this going on.”

Does this sound familiar? It should. It’s the exact same scenario regurgitated in the combox entries cited above: Righteous Truthteller Persecuted by Corrupt and Sinister Liberal Cabal. Nor did the Corapians (as these sectarians now call themselves) fail to get the message. Mulvey and SOLT=evil. Corapi=Persecuted Saint. My comboxes (among others) swelled up and burst with denunciations of the persecution of Corapi by those horrid liberal bishops and their liberal media lapdog lackeys (meaning Mulvey, since he was the only one responsible for the investigation, and those in Catholic media who covered the actual facts as they emerged).

And emerge they did. It turns out Corapi was, in fact, unfit to be a priest and Mulvey and SOLT were absolutely right to call him to heel. Are there progressive dissenters who don’t much like Corapi? Sure. But was this, in fact, what brought Corapi down? No. It was Corapi’s own sins and rebellion against his bishop and superiors that did that. So why exactly did Michael Voris make the link with angry homosexuals and heterodox enemies if they had nothing whatsoever to do with the subject at hand? Because Fr. Corapi was a useful tool for doing what Voris always does: attacking the bishops as a shadowy cabal of liberals. It fit the template, so he ran with it and his audience, who believe every attack on a bishop Voris launches, ran with it too.

Only here’s the thing: Voris wound up siccing the angry mob not on “progressive dissenters” but on faithful Catholics who were concerned about the integrity of the Church’s witness — including Bishop Mulvey and the conservative and orthodox Catholic media who covered the story. In short, there was no cabal. There was only a brave orthodox and good bishop named Mulvey enduring tons of abuse from fans of both Corapi and Voris, but who stuck to his guns, thus exposing a fraud and a knave unfit to be a priest. Similarly, there were no liberal media lapdog lackeys. There was just conservative, orthodox, and faithful EWTN and the Register , which likewise caught an awful lot of flack from the energized followers of Corapi and Voris, who bought the complete myth that their entirely fair and just coverage of Corapi’s self-destruction was somehow part of a sinister liberal lapdog lackey conspiracy.

Bottom line: Mr. Voris’ picture, painted with the colors of hint and suggestion, that the story of Corapi was one of a Brave Truthteller vs. a Corrupt Shadowy Gay Cabal, was dangerously and recklessly false — and Mr. Voris has never noted nor retracted a word of it. Brave bishop Mulvey and the SOLT investigators (and the conservative Catholic press who covered the story) did the right thing with absolutely no thanks to Mr. Voris and the followers he egged on against a non-existent liberal cabal.

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  • I have been a fan of Fr. Corapi, and when this story broke, I prayed for him. Mark Shea, the thoughtful man that he is, suggested to his combox minions (of which I am) to let the story play out. Some immediately called him out on the carpet and many just prayed and let the story play out, and play out it did. Turns out that Mark, and the other conservative Catholic media, blogs, etc. were correct and that the Corpaians and Voris-Vortex crowd were not.
    This troubles me because Voris puts out some good work. I am sure that Satan is very pleased that there is conflict amongst the conservative Catholics. I wonder if Voris is pi-polar?

    • “I wonder if Voris is pi-polar?”

      He shows all the sines.

      • Marion (Mael Muire)

        I wonder if he would be willing to cosine a loan for me?

        • ivan_the_mad

          You guys are awesome lol!

          • momof8

            Shouldn’t that be “awesum”?

        • Telemachus

          This is an awful tangent.

          • Marion (Mael Muire)

            I don’t know, Telemachus; it struck a chord with me.

            • Telemachus

              Well, have it your ray.

              • Margaret

                This is entirely orthogonal to Mark’s initial discussion…

                • Ted Seeber

                  And yet quite on point (I’m usually unidimensional).

                  • SouthCoast

                    I’ll secant that!

                    • victor

                      Arc. Arc. Arc….

                    • Angela

                      Not to be obtuse, but what on earth are we discussing?

                    • rijo

                      It’s all about taking the right angle on a controversial story.

                    • Paul

                      The litany of maths!

                    • Who’s on first?

    • Helen Westover

      Voris is simply exposing the doctrinal and moral corruption of today’s Church. He is obviously stepping on the wrong toes. I support him 100%.

    • Grace

      Michael Voris is simply human. He can make mistakes. He loves the Jesus, Blessed Mary and the Church with a Passion and sometimes his zeal can be a bit much for some. I take what he says with a grain of salt but many times have found wisdom in his words.

  • Jeff Stevens

    Mark, I think the first link is broken, it also links to your 2011 NCR article, which is also the second link. I’d like to read Lifesite News’ bulletin. Thanks!

  • Mark, you are to be congratulated for your fair assessment of the Voris saga. The whole Voris affair needs to be focused on the fact that no lay faithful may conduct catechesis etc. in an open and public manner without supervision from the hierarchy. The focus should be that Voris is a dissident. He may have the bible, council documents, papal encyclicals – but what of it? He just has a few more things than Luther et al. The name change is a legalistic sideshow. This man is taking advantage of simple souls…

    • Edge

      Barona – You said “that no lay faithful may conduct catechesis etc. in an open and public manner without supervision from the hierarchy” on a blog run by a lay faithful who conducts catechesis etc. in an open and public manner without supervision from the hierarchy.

      As Archbishop Fulton Sheen said so eloquently “Who is going to save our church? Not our bishops, not our priests and religious. It is up to you, the people. You have the minds, the eyes, the ears to save the Church. Your mission is to see that your priests act like priests, your bishops like bishops and your religious act like religious.”

      Mark Shea, Michael Voris, and all Catholics have a responsibility to catechize ourselves and each other through the mission of getting ourselves and one another in to Heaven. I forget off the top of my head if it was Archbishop Sheen, Mother Theresa of Calcutta, or another of the resent past that basically said that if you have a baptismal certificate, then you not only have the right, but more importantly, the responsibility.

      The key is that nothing we say (not us, not the priest, not the bishops, not anyone) can rightly teach something that is against what the Church teaches. There are solid doctrines all Catholics must accept, and there are some teachings that allow room for discussion and even disagreement.

      Pope John Paul II said on many occasions, the parents are the primary teachers of their children. Parents must teach their children the faith – inside the home and out. In fact – in an open and public manner without supervision from the hierarchy is the most necessary.

      The shame is in the constant put down and vile name calling of one Catholic by another. Stern admonishment (as one of the Spiritual works of mercy) is often called for as we are human, but what I see too often from those who call themselves Catholic are ones who act like anything but. So many Catholics rejoiced at the fall of Father Corapi, and watch the Vortex only to find a something in which to criticize and attack. All of which reminds me of when Jesus had to admonish his Apostles for being angry that “others” where preaching in His name.

      No, we cannot all just get along, but each of us “personally” better be sure what we are doing is in accordance of HIS will, not our own – lay person, priest, bishop, archbishop, cardinal – all Catholics.

      • Clare Assisi

        Excellent response. Thank you so much.

    • Ted Seeber

      This is funny coming just a couple of posts from the one on ecumenicism. I believe Voris was raised by a traditionalist mother and his whole mission is dealing with her death in a rather self-destructive way.

      • I have sworn off commenting here because it’s clear Mr. Voris never receives a fair shake from you, Mr. Shea–but I had to respond to Mr. Seeber’s comments.

        If you want to attack Michael Voris, Ted, that’s your choice–but to make a remark about his mother and how he has chosen to deal with her (very saintly) death is beyond the pale. You have absolutely crossed the line, and if you had a shred of decency you would apologize and delete your comments.

        Is this the sort of critique you now encourage with regard to Michael & his apostolate, Mr. Shea? Really?

      • Mark Shea

        Christine is right. This crossed the line. No more of this. Ever.

      • John King

        Speculation on his mother is judging and mean. Go to confession.

    • Kim

      Hear! Hear! Great post and I totally agree. I withdrew my support from “” because I couldn’t deal with the venom anymore.

    • Kim

      Barons, you make excellent points. Who does RealCatholicTV-Now “Church Militant” answer to? I read another article which inferred that Mr. Voris needs to be under the authority, sponsorship, direction etc. of a bishop. Especially since he’s a lay person and it doesn’t appear that he is taking direction from anybody in the diocese. It’s going to be very interesting to see how things shape up in the near future. I share his concern and passion regarding a lot of issues within the Church. However, the tone that he uses to present things is just one of the things that concerns me.

      • Voris most certainly is under the “authority, sponsorship and direction” of a Bishop: Javier Echevarria. New video here,

      • Ted Seeber

        The sad thing is, the tone is what some of us have been craving in this age of “there are no real sins, just unfortunate mistakes made by people of good intention”. My objection to Voris is different- that like every Protestant Televangelist I’ve ever watched, he carefully avoids his own favorite sins.

        You could almost predict what was going to happen to the Baker’s marriage by paying close attention to Jim Baker’s sermons, and the same is true of Voris. Now I know many would say that the sins that Voris doesn’t talk about aren’t that big of deal (I’ve never heard him talk about the innocent victims of the war on terror, for instance, nor about the sin of usury, though I have heard him preach *against* soup kitchens)- patriotic sins are given a pass by many, as are financial sins. But somehow, I think somewhere he’s got funds invested in timeshares or subprime mortgages….or maybe just “creative destruction”, as Romney’s old company Bain Capital used to call their business.

      • EBS

        What’s the difference between Voris and a Fundamental Muslim cleric? Nothing, just the beard and the dress, with no true authority from on High.

        I wish someone would push him off his high horse- even the most Senior Catholic, on this earth, The Pope, doesn’t resort to venomous judgmental rubbish (disguised as “defending the faith”), like Voris clearly does. And he is our chief apologist and theologian. Watch and learn Michael Voris.

        These people are narcissistic trouble makers, who thrive, absolutely thrive, on causing division with their pompous crap. Nothing they say or do is done in the name of Unity- its all “divide and conquer” crap.
        They throw in the correct stuff on Catholic teaching every once in a blue moon, giving themselves enough time to stir trouble. It’s their egos that they defend- not the one true Faith. It gives them purpose on earth and excuses them from doing a genuine days work AND at the same time ridding them of accountability for their words and actions.

        Why doesn’t Voris just become a priest or get married. Choose a vocation and live in the real world, then maybe you wouldn’t have to defend your little made up fantasy land, hidden under the guise of your “Catholic” non-inclusive, judgmental, Holier-than-thou religion. You really do exude the love and peace of Christ- NOT!

    • Hugo

      I am not sure that you are correct about saying that a lay catholic is not allowed to catechise without bishops’ supervision. Catholic parents catechise with their children all the time without supervision.

      • EBS

        It is the responsibility of parents to teach their children the Faith. It is their authority to do so. That’s part of the responsibilities of the Marriage Vocation- to bring up their children in the Faith. It is their authority. Who gave Michael Voris authority except Michael Voris!? He does not go into schools or prisons and Catechize, under the watch of a priest or Bishop. He goes on TV with no accountability to anyone at all and does it. Very, very, different Hugo.

        • Helen

          He does have a degree in Theology!

  • Marion (Mael Muire)

    In the maelstroms of accusations and denunciations that have often swept through Catholic media and internet sites, I have often realized that, for me, the sound of my Master’s voice was growing fainter and fainter; that my little boat was being carried farther and farther from where the Master was as he spoke to the crowds. So it seemed the only thing to do was to bring her around and make for shallower waters, heading back to port, closer to Him, closer to the sound of His voice.

    Everyone wants to win a crown. Everyone fights, scrambles, clambers to win the crowns held out before them – crowns inscribed with the words “Justice”; “The True Church”; “Holiness.” These crowns appear to be made of gold and platinum and precious jewels, but they are not. They are made of smoke, wonderfully and cleverly fashioned and contrived to look substantial.

    The true precious crown the Master holds out is attainable not in this life, but only in the next life, and only by those who have worn the crown He offers in this life and trade it in when they arrive into His presence; a crown not glowing or gleaming, not that would make anyone proud to wear, but a crown made of woven branches and brambles with thorns. These are available to anyone picks up and carries his True Cross.

    • Ted Seeber

      Thank you for this. Being a child of the Spirit of Vatican II age, I was really puzzling over the lyrics of funny man “Catholic Weird Al” Nick Alexander’s song “Don’t take that Crown”.

      You wouldn’t happen to know what the Reed’s Hypothesis of Marian Apparition is, would you? That’s another piece of his conversion tale that he reveals in the song _These Beads_ that I haven’t been able to track down.

      • Marion (Mael Muire)

        Sorry, Ted, I wish I knew, but I don’t. I’m not familiar with any of these entertainers’ work, although they sound great.

        • Ted Seeber

          Single Entertainer- and you’d do well to look up his three videos he has deigned to post to Youtube- they’re all more understandable. RCIA is about his conversion (to the tune of the Village People’s YMCA), 40 Days is a good MTV-Era style video (a song about lent done to King of Pain by the Police), and there’s a mashup of a performance he did for a youth conference.

          I grew up listening to Weird Al Yankovic’s secular parodies- so Nick Alexander quickly became a must have for my playlists on my phone.

          These Beads is his song about Mary and his conversion from Protestantism to a point where he understood what “Behold your Mother” meant. But it refers to Reed’s Hypothesis, which I’ve never heard of before and can’t seem to find anything online about.

  • Sandra Miesel

    Well said, Marion. Some of the comments on the LifeSite article are scarier than the original post. But that’s a common problem in comboxees, even here.

    • Marion (Mael Muire)

      Thank you, Sandra.

  • Jim Kennedy

    If I was a prominent Catholic Blogger, I’d probably talk to my fellow Catholic bloggers about cutting Michael Voris off, he clearly just likes the ‘attention Kool-aid’ that trolling y’all provides…

  • And this is why his “apostolate” (clearing throat) is now named “MilitantChurch.TV”, y’all.
    Yeah, he has no intention of ever toning his shtick down.

    • Marion (Mael Muire)

      How easy it is! And what temptation there is! to replace Jesus with a shtick of our own!

      Especially those who are gifted in His service: who are clever, articulate, knowing how to command an audience, knowing enough theology to make us dangerous . . . suddenly we are driving in the “shtick lane,” goin’ fast, makin’ all kinds of time! The road is wide open, nice and clear, well-paved and level, and we are zoom-zoom-zoomin’ along, having the time of our lives, . . . and if we check to see where we are on the Road to His Kingdom, we realize we’re not even on it anymore: we left it some time back there!

      The scary thing is: there’s no place to turn a car around: there’s no opposite-bound roadway. We will have to pull over, leave our vehicles, and walk back along the roadway we were just driving on, for miles and miles, before we can hope to come to the spot where we must have left the Road to His Kingdom. Walk along the side of the road, our feet in the dust, like poor people! Walk along the opposite direction to what everyone else is going, like losers! And the worst part of that is, that lots of our friends and neighbors will be driving along this same road, will see us, and pity us and laugh at us.

      Who can bear to do that?

      Please pray for people who are in this situation . . . and may not even realize it!

  • Greg

    When ever I read of conflict like this I remember St Benedict and his 12 steps of Humility
    and how useful it can be for all of us.

    Step 1. A first step is taken when one consciously obeys all of God’s commandments, never ignoring them but always holding within himself a fear of God in his heart.

    Step 2. The second step is achieved when one thinks not about pleasing himself but instead follow the injunction of the Lord.

    Step 3. The third step is reached when out of love of God, one obediently submits to a superior in imitation of the Lord.

    Step 4. The fourth step is achieved when one, under obedience, patiently and quietly endures all thing that are inflicted on him. It should make no difference whether the trials are painful, unjust or even completely beyond his understanding; he should neither tire nor give up.

    Step 5. The fifth step is reached when one humbly discloses to his superior all the evil thoughts in his heart, as well as those faults and evil acts he has actually committed.

    Step 6. To achieve the sixth step one must without qualms accept all that is crude and harsh; at all times he considers himself a poor and worthless workman.

    Step 7. The seventh step is attained when one not only confesses that he is an inferior and common wretch, but believes it to his very core. He must be willing to humble himself.

    Step 8. One reaches the eighth step of humility when he does only that which is demanded by the common rule of his seniors.

    Step 9. The ninth step can be achieved when one, practicing silence, only speaks when asked a question.

    Step 10. The tenth step is climbed when one restrains himself from undue laughter and frivolity.

    Step 11. To reach the eleventh step one must speak gently, without jests, but simply, seriously, tersely, rationally and softly.

    Step 12. The final step is attained only when one can at all times show humility not only in his appearance and actions, but also in his heart.

    St Benedict, Patron Against Poisoning
    Ora Pro Nobis !

    Admirable Saint and Doctor of Humility, you practiced what you taught, assiduously praying for God’s glory and lovingly fulfilling all work for God and the benefit of all human beings.

    You know the many physical dangers that surround us today often caused or occasioned by human inventions.

    Guard us against poisoning of the body as well as of mind and soul, and thus be truly a “Blessed” one for us.


    • Anne

      Very good. Thank you so much for that. Just what all of us need to hear. We need more prayer in our Church. The Catholic media need to be careful to avoid harsh judgementalism as we are all sinners. I think there was an article recently from the Vatican about Catholic blogging & media, and what to avoid etc. With regard to criticising Priests, we are not to do so (no matter what they have done) especially publicly. We must pray and do penance for them. Michael Voris is obviously very frustrated with the Church. But it will never be perfect because we are all sinners. We must only love and pray very much. Of course we must fraternally correct one another but do so in charity. We must pray for Michael Voris and for all those in the Catholic media that they would reflect the Gospel Message of Christ with Mercy, Joy, Hope and Love.

      • Anne

        When I said very good, I meant it for the comment on St. Benedict.

  • CCM

    A good article, but, Mark, I followed the situation with Fr. Corapi from the beginning, until he more or less dropped out of sight. The facts were, as I recall, that the investigation against him was never put into proper canonical form so that he could protest it in a proper canonical way, and it was never completed; that he filed a civil suit against his accuser in which libel was alleged; and that no proof has so far been presented to substantiate many of his accuser’s claims. As far as I know the civil suit has not been decided yet. I don’t understand why you keep saying that he was “shown to be guilty” of the things that were alleged against him, including fornication and drug abuse. If you’ve seen anything more recent than about September 2011 that backs up these statements, you should publish it. SOLT’s statement as to the results of their initial investigation, with no evidence or sources to support it, would not be regarded as proof in a legal sense. It’s very possible that Fr. Corapi is indeed unfit, and is indeed guilty of some or all of these things, but the proofs do not seem to be available yet.

    • Ted Seeber

      What he was shown to be guilty of wasn’t what he was accused of. What he was shown to be guilty of was obstructing justice.

    • Andy, Bad Person

      The facts were, as I recall, that the investigation against him was never put into proper canonical form so that he could protest it in a proper canonical way, and it was never completed; that he filed a civil suit against his accuser in which libel was alleged;

      Those two statements go hand in hand. The investigation could not proceed following proper canonical procedure because it was obstructed by his civil suit against his accuser.

  • Mr. Shea,

    How often do you watch CMTV’s content? Have you ever watched anything besides the vortex such as the Theology / Apologetic courses? How often do you contact Mr. Voris about these issues you keep railing on? Have you ever attempted to call him up and discuss your issues with him?

    Voris is fairly easy to get in touch with… by email, or phone.

    • Ted Seeber

      For a man who is fairly easy to get in touch with, he’s awfully quick to use the same censorship against his critics that the Bishops are trying and failing to use against him.

      Early on when I first became aware of the Vortex, I ran across one on his YouTube channel that *seemed* to call Soup Kitchens evil. I asked him about it in the combobox, and instead of either ignoring me or entering into a dialog, he replied “That’s not what I said” with NO explanation, and immediately blocked me from posting in his YouTube Channel before I could reply with exact quotes and a time reference.

      I wonder if this all came up because he treats his Bishops with similar disdain.

      • I am not sure how your experience on youtube relates to the availability for Voris and CMTV to respond to emails and phone calls. Have you ever sent an email to CMTV, or called them on the phone?

        I have. If Voris is busy, the rest of the team fields the questions. Often Simon Raffe responds. My point is that Mark Shea seems to have quite a bit to say about Voris’ shortcomings and failings. How often has Shea taken these issues up with Voris directly? How often has Shea verified rumors and issues of confusion with RCTV before blogging about it?

        Send RCTV an email today. Reference the video, and tell them what your confusion is. Dear CMTV, awhile ago you posted a video on soup kitchens. It seems that you were saying soup kitchens are evil. I am confused. Can you take a moment to explain what was intended.

        • Mark Shea

          Shea has written RCTV in the past and been totally ignored. You should write them and ask why.

          • Mr. Shea,
            As a matter of fact, I emailed them yesterday about the topic. Try again.


            • Mark Shea

              No. But thanks for commanding me.

              • Take it as a command if you wish, but it was meant as encouragement. Is there any particular reason why you choose not to take up your issues directly with CMTV and Voris?

          • Btw… haven’t you stated on a number of occasions that you have spoken with Raffe? That does not sound like “totally ignored” to me.

  • kenneth

    I don’t care a whit what Voris says or does, but I have to give him credit for one thing: He’s one of those people who never have a dull moment in public! I’d like to start an agency for public speakers called “Live Wire.” It would include Voris, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Corapi, Mike Tyson, Hugo Chavez, Dan Savage, Fred Phelps, the scariest tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist Tea Partier money can buy, Bill Maher, and Mel Gibson (but only drunk Mel. He’d do a duo with some militant ultra-orthodox Israeli settler. And we’d have to include “Paul Senior” from “American Chopper.” These guys would be a hoot for graduation speeches, Bar Mitzvahs, kid’s parties (Admadinejad does some killer balloon animals, I understand)….. 🙂

    • ivan_the_mad

      “Admadinejad does some killer balloon animals, I understand” LOL! Also, he wears a mean Members’ Only jacket. He’s a one-man crusade (SEE WHAT I DID THERE???) to keep the 80s alive.

    • EBS

      Very very funny

  • John

    Voris is solid. He dropped the name as he was asked to do. I was born in ’70, after the Catholic grammar school and high school I went to stopped formal catechism and left us with courses like “Bible as Literature” etc. I was an altar boy so I know the Novus Ordo. But even still I didn’t know Catholicism and I didn’t care…until I walked into a Tridentine Mass four years ago. I had a St. Paul moment and I am devout. I almost perished for lack of knowledge. I am horrified, absolutely horrified, about what the Church seemed to conceal from me about herself. If Voris’ approach seems a little strident, please be advised there are those of us who realized the Church has been in eclipse (quite possibly the one referred to at La Salette) and our hearts are now aflame for the Catholic Faith only because the Truth of the Catholic Faith is re-emerging. This sentiment, if not modulated, can sound strident. It takes great grace and charity for me to speak of these issues without raising my voice. It’s almost as if, well, lives and souls were at stake…. I believe Voris is sincere and, God willing, there will be many more like him.

    • DB

      Spot on, John.
      You might be interested in my latest blog (see below) that pits Mr. Shea against Mr. Voris.
      God Bless!
      Omnia Vincit Veritas

      • Mark Shea

        What I particularly love about socially maladjusted traddies is the guilessness of the way they presume to come into comboxes graciously provided by a blogger–so that they can use the space he provides to insult the blogger and bleg for links. And when you point out that they are rude jackasses with the manners of selfish two year old they complain they are being censored and repressed. There really is something childlike about it.

        • John King

          Pot calling the kettle black in regards to lacking graciousness and childlike behavior. You have a history of not being gracious with Voris and frankly with no other reason other than he criticizes the a lot of the USCCB behavior. So anyone who disagrees with you is a Traddie? How about Orthodox vs Heterodox?

          • EBS

            Well, if you feel that way, why do you read this blog and waste your time commenting. You clearly are demonstrating the ungracious child like behavior you call this Blog out on, oh black kettle King.

        • Baseballmom

          Methinks thou doth protest too much.

  • Sean

    As a bystander, I don’t see what the fuss is. I think Voris has become better, becoming more outspoken, and more willing to call out people who have contributed to destruction of souls, either through malice, denial, or just plain ignorance. Voris is human like us all, so he makes mistakes. Are we somehow surprised. But he is genuine, and he is dedicated. I know for a fact he observes prudence, because he purposely holds back critiques about the Pope, which are warranted. Plus he’s like an ex football player. I mean, this is what these guys do. Just take what he says at face value, adjust a bit for your temperament, don’t throw out the Faith, and keep holding each other’s feet to the fire. It is amazing that people zealous for souls are held to so much scrutiny these days.

  • Jamesgart

    My Wife and I think that Michael Voris is so obsessed of homosexuality , he must be homosexual himself. Those that are so obsessed with homosexuality in public are usually gay themselves.

    • John King

      Homosexuality is a sin that cries out to God for vengeance. It is almost on par with Murder. If you are Catholic and read your catechism you would know that. With that being said, speaking out against this deadly sin is a charity not an obsession. What kills me is that you are probably confusing hating the sin with hating the sinner. What the hell constitutes an obsession anyway? Your remark is is a typical slur against Voris and ironically it reveals that down deep you also believe homosexuality is a disordered behavior.

      • Frank

        Homosexuality is not a sin. Inclinations are not sins, actions are. If you are Catholic and read your catechism you would know that. Typical Michael Voris uninformed fan-boy intelligently and falsely catechizing.

        • John King

          The definition of sin implies action or omission and so homosexuality in this context implies action. While same sex attraction is not a sin it is disordered and one must argue how much even of the attraction should be tolerated. For example how many heterosexuals tolerate physical attraction to their mother or sisters? Just because someone once committed a particular sin of lust does not mean they have to be called whatever or whoever sex attracted for the rest of their lives. This is just an excuse for weak willed people to continue being weak willed rather than take responsibility and crucify their disordered passions.

          • The term used in the traditional Catechism is “sodomy,” which is associated with the act, not the inclination.

  • Handyman

    Funny how many on this site make general negative comments about Voris and his Vortex episodes without providing a single shred of evidence as to ANYTHING he’s ever said that is contrary to Catholic doctrine. It all comes from the standard Liberal Catholic Playbook… Accuse, name call, be vague, bring up feel-good hot buttons, comment on things out of context and avoid the truth. I assume most of the negative comments here come from what people THINK he said, but not what he ACTUALL said. He is highly intelligent, is very careful and deliberate in his wording and does not mince his words, so “liberal” Catholics who do not support EVERY Catholic Church Doctrine probably ARE very easily offended by his messages, but they ARE accurate. And there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with him or anyone not being afraid to call out priests and bishops who routinely neglect to condemn abortion, homosexuality, pornography, co-habitation, pre-marital relations, masturbation, etc. He’s a real champion for our church, like Corapi and Sheen, regardless of moral shortfallings (which we all have).

  • John King

    Mark Shea is a typical liberal Catholic who condemns any criticism of the USCCB. Catholic Magisterium Super-sized. I wonder what he thinks of Catherine of Sienna. Of course, she gets a pass because she is a Saint. Oh, but she wasn’t when she was rebuking. That is one of the things that made her a Saint. Michael Voris may well be a Saint one day and very well because he spoke up and put up with persecution from brother Catholics like Mark Shea. I truly believe that there are more devils inside the Church than outside.

  • Barb

    Being that Raymond Cardinal Burke has not only given several interviews with Mr. Voris but has also commended him in the work he does for the Catholic Church…who are you, Mr Shea to say any different?

    Keep up the good work Michael!

    • Mark Shea

      A free man who can think? JPII said great things about Maciel. Turns out he was wrong in that assessment.

      Notably, you pay absolutely no attention to the content of Jones’ work, nor to the completely irresponsible way in which Voris puffs that work while giving not a word of warning about Jones’ dangerous views. Do you approve of anti-semitism in defiance of the Church?

    • JulieD

      Indeed Mark Shea. The only man ever born without fault was our Savior. Michael Voris shows the spine so many people are lacking these days. Amen!

      • Mark Shea

        No he doesn’t. He bullies faithful Catholics and gives passes to nutty anti-semites.

        • hugo

          Mark Shea,

          Could you explain what YOU mean by “faithful Catholics”? That term gets thrown around a lot these days- Do you mean those Catholics who are orthodox in their beliefs, do not dissent from any of the church’s teachings, are loyal to the pope, understand that some church teachings that derive from God and are safeguarded by the teaching authority of the pope and those bishops in communion with him will never change, even if 99.999999% of nominal catholics were ever to disagree with them ( e.g.-no women priests, artificial birth control, gay lifestyle, etc) ? Or do you simply mean people who “love their church” and want to change some of its “antiquated” teachings to bring the church up to date in the so called “Spirit of Vatican II ?

          • Mark Shea

            I mean those who believe and live the teaching of Jesus Christ in his Holy Church to the best of their understanding and ability.

    • Deana

      Michael’s kind comments about Cardinal Burke validate Voris, as far as I’m concerned. Burke is a hero; a staunch defender of Catholic orthodoxy and “Prince of the Church” in every meaning of the term. Michael, keep up the good work. You speak the truth!

  • Bill

    Maybe Mr. Shea needs to remember some important points about EWTN when he calls it “conservative.” Raymond Arroyo praised Mother Teresa’s beatification Mass because it included a Hindu puja. On the World Over, he looked surprised, maybe even shocked, when a viewer called about Christ’s social kingship that George Weigel then mocked only minutes later when he told Arroyo that the State was incompetent to decide what religion was the true one. So Mr. W. should reread Leo XIII Libertas Praestantissimum, where that pope writes about the State’s duty to adopt Catholicism as its religion.

    Think about how many EWTN program hosts no longer work for that apostolate: Greg Popchak with his strange beliefs about sexuality, Fr. Corapi, the former host of Life on the Rock who left the clerical state to get married, Msgr. Eugene Clark and now Fr. Benedict Groeschel who said that children seduce their abusers.

    I’m not judging the hearts of the people I’m naming here. But Mr. Shea needs to remember that even some “conservative” organizations he supports have shocked some Catholics, including me. He and other New Order Catholics are welcome to their beliefs. But if I’ve just listed signs of EWTN’s conservatism, someone has redefined the word “conservatism.”

    Voris has his fault. Other people have theirs, but I think the world needs more people like Voris and more members of the Catholic Traditionalist Movement. Catholics should be grateful for the heros I admire most: Archbishop Lefebvre, Bishop Fellay, and most important, St. Pius X.

  • Bill

    Here’s a link to the Word Over video I mentioned a post ago.

    Buy the way, in the first sentence of that post’s last paragraph, I meant to type “Voris has his faults.”

  • Stephen

    Keep on telling The Truth, Mark! The haters will always hate your for it, but they’ve always hated truth!

    See, I’ve learned a bit from Voris and his army 🙂

  • Fr. Christopher Pietraszko

    While my post here may seem rather neutral its because I really do not feel compelled to give my opinion on these matters beyond the following statement.

    Offering criticism towards those in ministry should always be done with prudence, out of charity and in the truth. Those who welcome it, rather than foster an unnecessary polarization of issues, are those who live humbly. Let’s be people of peace in all of this. I appreciated Christopher West’s reaction to receiving criticism from Alice VH, as he took some time away to discern his methodology and content. He also responded to her objections directly, and reasonably.

    I think the evil one enjoys creating division where greater unity is about to be fostered. No human is the enemy, not Fr. Corapi (who will always be a priest), not Michael Voris, not various publishers (liberal or conservative) nor the Pope, nor Bishops, and Cardinals. Nay, Satan is the enemy, and one of his greatest accomplishments is to have us fight each other. But if we are truly united in Christ our method of disagreement will not involve villifying anyone, but rather causing us to pound our own chest as a sinner in need of redemption. This is one of many central elements to a ministry that will be effective.


    Fr. Christopher Pietraszko

  • I don’t have a dog in this hunt, fortunately. Well, I could if I wanted to. Here goes:

    * Father Corapi was right, there were people in high places out to get him, and they sure did. He was also wrong, in that he conducted his apostolate in a manner unbecoming his role as a religious priest. But the real culprit is the one most of you don’t mention, and that’s SOLT, whose leaders were either complicit for not intervening in his affairs sooner, or fools for not knowing to intervene sooner.

    * As to Mr Voris, there is something to be said for his work, I’ll admit, but if I had any advice for him, it would be twofold; 1) tell me something I don’t know, and 2) tell me in less than three minutes. He’s built quite a following with the same old hash that was rehashed twenty or thirty years ago, and too many of his commentaries sound alike. And I don’t care how many years he spent in broadcast media; YouTube is not broadcasting! The difference is the attention span. If you can’t get it across in two to three minutes, you’ve lost your audience — except for people who like hearing it a gazillion times. They’re not the ones he needs to reach.

    I’m so glad some of you have time for that. I don’t.

  • I just wish Voris would get a haircut, that’s all.

    • wyllow

      Ha! It IS distracting.

  • Brother Charles Christopher

    I’ve been in contact with Michael a few times. He’s always been supportive to my ministry. I don’t always agree with him, but I truly believe he loves our church. I think his heart is in the right place. We must always be defenders of the faith. I get critized by many priest for following the teaching to perfect. I’m not a fan of the progressives in our church who prefer to dismantle the church one pillar at a time.

  • Sam Ferraro

    Michael Voris speaks the truth.

    • Mark Shea

      Actually, he doesn’t.

      • Deana

        Wonderful response. How long did you spend composing that retort — a month? One “Vortex” video contains more truth and clarity than any homily in any Catholic parish on any given Sunday. Not really sure what your criticism of Voris is based on. Inferior intellect? Jealousy? Liberal political agenda? Whatever the reason, you’ve never been more wrong in your life.

  • snorkelmeister

    Mark your first book about Sola Scriptura was really poorly done. I can’t understand why it got any good press at all. Those were the early days of Catholic Apologetics, so maybe you skated by any critical readership. You should really retire from the blogosphere because you are a bad example of Christian intellectual rigor and charity, in my opinion.

  • Okay, let’s take a look at this. If Michael Voris had not made me aware of CCHD (Catholic Community for Human Development), I would have given to the men who are running GOD’S Catholic Church. Even a priest whom I know is the only priest in my state who defends life has informed me that CCHD funds pro-abortion organizations and I have seen it for myself as undeniable truth that Michael Voris presented on his show, and I am enlightened.

    I will never drink a glass of water with the slightest bit of poison in it so therefore if I give to the Archdiocese of my area, and mind you I am a staunch Catholic who believes that our Lord is present in every tabernacle of the world, with that in mind, if I give to these men who run GOD’S Catholic Church, these men will destroy GOD’S church with my funds thinking they are doing something good. My denial of giving these evil men my funds does not change the outcome of GOD’S church, but it does change the outcome of my soul since these men have sold themselves to the devil through CCHD.

    We cannot do things in half truths, or half actions or half devotions for GOD. 100 percent and no less is what each soul needs to get into the kingdom of heaven. Yes, GOD is merciful, but imagine the elite who are leading many to hell. What mercy shall they attain if they lead many to hell with funds that are paying for abortion? These elite are more responsible and should not lead the flock astray.

    I think all of you need to take a look at the local priest and what they support instead of looking at a lay person. Michael Voris is trying to accomplish sanctity for life through GOD’S Holy Catholic Church in the only way he knows, but you holier than thou people think you are untouchable because you think GOD’S Catholic Church is being run by perfect men when these men have compromised not only their soul but the souls of many flocks in many parishes.

    Take another look at this and see the error in this document you present against Michael Voris.

    May GOD use me as HIS instrument to save the souls of lukewarm souls, AMEN

  • Brother Charles Christopher

    With all due respect its always easy for those on the outside to somehow sugarcoat the church.
    As a Brother and someone who works behind the scenes there is no doubt that most Catholic would be shocked to see the things I’ve seen. Here in Los Angeles we are swamped with career priest. As though he with the prettiest church wins. Leaving the salvation of souls on the back burner. However for every bad priest we have 100 good ones. My Pastor talks about his need for more money almost every week. Michael Voris exposes these things.
    Just recently I brought up the subject of the Sign of Peace. Most Catholics don’t like it. The fact that we turn our back on the Body and Blood of Christ to shake hands is so disrespectful. And for the priest to walk away from the chalice is extremely disrespectful. As a Brother of Padre Pio I think Padre Pio would put a stop to it. And this new thing of moving the Tabernacle to the side altar is awful. I won’t go in churches that do this. These are things Voris exposes. And we have options to leave and find another parish. I also feel we have the right to speak up to these priest. Remember we are the ones paying the bills. Please pray that some of these priest take a step back into time when things were much better. God bless.

    • Helen


  • Steven

    Ted Seeber said “I believe Voris was raised by a traditionalist mother and his whole mission is dealing with her death in a rather self-destructive way.”

    What a hateful, uncharitable, and uninformed comment that was. Why not actually consider what Voris has said about his struggle to find the faith and the pivotal role his mother played in that journey? Instead of repeating accusations, test it yourself by looking and then tell me if this is an accurate reflection of the Catholic faith. If it is, then why is the work of Michael Voris, “poisonous?”
    40:50 to 45:00 and 1:03:01 to 1:05:16

  • midwestlady

    The problem is that Fr. Corapi was in the wrong, AND there’s a lot of corruption too. You don’t have to look far to find corruption in the Catholic Church. It’s everywhere, and that’s a fact.

    • JBQ21

      midwestlady speaks the truth. Women are not as blinded by sex as men are. Drugs, as seen by Father Corapi, are in many cases a stimulant for sex such as used by the once good father and which brought him down.

  • Janet O’Connor

    I used to follow RCTV and Mr. Voris until a few months ago when I was unable to get on the free site anymore because they want only PREMIUM Members which I cannot do. I noticed that with all of his orthodoxy there is a high level of Polemics and name calling (mostly to Moslems and Modernists). But I was troubled by the questioning of the Pope and those around him in the Year of Faith. Mr. Voris is a member of Opus Dei which is almost like a cult and he and his followers are also what are know as Integral Catholics which started a century ago. They are characterized by sarcasm and extreme name calling. Pope Benedict XV had to tell them them that there are only Catholic Christians nothing else. St Pius X the Pope also did not approve of these kinds of Faithful.

    • tom healey

      a few days ago i discovered michael voris’ short videos and mark shea’s blog. i was impressed by michael’s clarity and strong delivery. here was a catholic guy who was not trapped in the phoney culture of niceness. having an irish temperment i like the “take no prisoners” approach to important issues. i could see that michael is highly intellegent, well informed and gets to the guts of issues very quickly. wow! that is so refreshing to hear someone dish it out, to just tell the plain unvarnished truth. i love ewtn because they also tell the truth, but it’s different from michael. for example, fr. mitch, but there is always a certain reserve and distance from from the issues. whereas, michael does not mince words, and he means what he says. i want to say though that it is not my intention to pass judgement on any of michael’s videos. i can see from the enormous variety of responses to mark’s highly critical blog of michael that some love him without reservation, some with reservation and some make do with sniping at his character and veracity. having some understanding of the extent of corruption in today’ culture, i live in toronto, canada, it’s the same here as it is in your great country. now that i’ve set the scene, so to speak, i want to say that there is another deeper issue at stake here which some respondents touched on but did not develop. this deeper issue is i believe humility, that most elusive of virtues. the sin of pride is our constant companion. the church’s teaching on original sin is real; it’s not just an abstract idea that is completely divorced from our daily lives. and pride is at the top of the list. and as i’ve come to see in myself, by god’s grace, that original sin is the cause of our capacity for endless self-deception. when i stopped to reflect more deeply on michael’s vortex videos i could not escape the conclusion that he has fallen into the sin of pride. his natural gifts are not in question. he is a great communicator, and he speaks with passion. i also noticed that he is careful to make distinctions which to my mind is a sign of thoughtfulness. the vortex videos i watched started with his statement …”where lies and falsehoods are trapped and exposed.” that is pretty heady stuff! even if every claim he makes is true, it is always easier to tell the truth about others than it is to face the truth about ourselves. someone might say…”but i’m not like that.” but the sad truth is that we are all like that. we are all guilty of the sin of pride. and the more prominent one is in the eyes of the world the greater the sin. i have more to say, but i have to stop now because i’m having a problem with the computer. i’m new to the internet, so i’m just getting used to it. i hope to say more tomorrow.

      • PatrickOConnor

        Ummm Janet, for an O’Connor you are one VERY uneducated Catholic. Firstly, Michael Voris is NOT a member of Opus Dei, NOR has he ever been. I think I would know who are the members of Opus Dei, after being a COOPERATOR, a NON-member of Opus Dei for 20 plus years. YET, I know MOST of the members of Opus Dei in the United States. It is not cult-like in any way shape or form. It is a vocation in and of itself as it is the only “Personal Prelature” in the Catholic Church. It does NOT report to the local bishop, but to the Prelate of Opus Dei in Rome. I have NEVER seen a member of Opus Dei “name call” rather quite the opposite. I lived in a center of Opus Dei for a year, GOT that: a year. I was a student seeking my 2nd degree at the time. Were they the most LOYAL to the teachings of the Church of any group within the Church that I have ever known?? Yep. Do they defy or deny the teachings of the Church in its FULLNESS? NOPE. I bet that YOU are a liberal pro-contraception pro-abortion “Catholic” which means you are in heresy and mortal sin. And for the record, Pope Benedict has NEVER scolded/reprimanded Opus Dei in ANY way – EVER. So why are you a liar is the real question? Oh and by the way, I continue to frequent Opus Dei and continue to discern a vocation to Opus Dei which IS a calling, you know “vocare” in Latin. And AS A Super Numerary member, NO there is no cilice or anything of the like. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT LADY.

        • Boo

          Charity. Please word your rebuttal with charity! I too am an Opus Dei co-operator and find it as you say, loyal to the faith and edifying. This lady is incorrect there. But there is no need of rash judgement of this lady or her her interior disposition. Pride is, as this lady puts it, very insidious and when satan can’t get us to sin in ‘obvious’ ways of lifestyle or not following the first 3 commandments, pride is his game. And unfortunately, we are all privvy to it. In that the lady is 100% correct.

  • Janet O’Connor

    Although Mr. Voris is a fire breathing commentator on his Internet Site he is extremely popular. I have Real Player and the You Tube videos are several of his. I agree with him on certain things but he does have this knack of being uncharitable to certain groups of people. I don’t know if Opus Dei Membership has anything to do with this. He was not correct for example for blaming most of what happened after the Council on now declared “Venerable” Pope Paul VI. They have no problem with “good Pope John” who was the one who decided to call the Council in the first place in January 1959.

  • Edward J Baker

    I was all set to agree that Voris goes too far, especially with his presumptions on who or how many achieve salvation, but you lose me with your example. There are lengthy legal proceedings in progress in the Corapi case, and a lot more will be revealed, but one false charge that has been repudiated is the claim of his cohabitating with a prostitute. The fact is, he allowed safe harbor to a troubled woman, allowing her to temporarily use his apartment in Southern California while he was 1500 miles away in Montana. The committee that “investigated” him did a lousy job. (This included claims about vehicles Corapi had that were never identified and claims about a motorboat on a lake that doesn’t even allow a 3 hp outboard.) Don’t rush to judgment.

  • Michael

    I am sorry Mark. This article is completely bogus! I know you’re use to going to conferences or hearing praise about your story and writings. You surrounded yourself with so many people who give you “well done” or a “good job”. Go out into the real world. Our church is being attack from the outside as well as in.
    Don’t get me wrong. I love you! I read your stuff all the time! Just in this case I disagree.

  • Ginger44

    Oh dear, why no quotes, no links, no context, Mark? And why not a link to the video by Mr. Voris in which he makes these scurrilous attacks against ‘faithful Catholics’ ? Would it be too much for loyal Catholic to watch? It seems to portray your claims in a different light, a very different light.. I think an explanation is in order rather than an unqualified rant?

  • Deana

    What a bunch of bilge. Michael Voris is the only person in Catholic media speaking the truth! God bless him and his mission. Your article demonstrates all that is wrong with my Church.

  • Deana

    Michael Voris for Pope!!!!!!!

  • Deana

    Ditto! Voris is a hero.

  • Julian Kachi

    This guy needs to do an examination of conscience. In defense of Michael Voris and much more:

  • Joseph Perez

    Mr Shea can you please substantiate what you are saying here? For I have heard michael voris talked about Corapi it was even in passing and he never touched on it. Unless that you delineate what those some combox people and others are saying and to his real opinion on it. I would rather call you an outright liar.

    • chezami Voris insinuates that a gay cabal destroyed Corapi. Only one person drove the investigation: Bp. Mulvey of Corpus Christi. There was no gay cabal. Voris never apologized. You call me a liar, you’re gone. Comprende?

      • Joseph Perez

        I dont really know if you are Mr Shea or my English (which is my second language in our country had betrayed me. I watched your linked video not only already 2 times in the past (specially when it was first aired) but also two times when you tagged it here.

        You missed the point by degrees in fact you have never mentioned the thesis of the Vortex at 0:38 which is consistent throughout the episode.

        What was true then I would enumerate here

        1. Fr John is hard hitting and made many enemies
        2. By doing so in the midst of crisis he acted wrongly
        3. The bloggers (specially those who have established names around here and elsewhere) are more zealous on the condemnation of the priest rather than to look at it on the manner of charity. This is spot on for Michael Voris and many do lack such charity for still then priest such as Fr. Corapi.

        To tell you the truth this is not how FELLOW CATHOLICS should not be in this situation to any priests and Michael here is right. Michael might be castigating priests or bishops but this is not in a personal manner in which but on the manner on how they endanger the faithful.

        About the homosexual Cabal????? in every twist and turn you should strike at this at every moment you see it. For this group I mean this group that has done everything to advance its relativistic causes to destroy not only the society but the very moral fibre of the human being should be engaged head-on for this is evil by itself AND if Michael himself have said such either explicitly or implicitly (though I cannot see from the video where?) The truth is the removal of Fr. Corapi is and the subsequent wrongdoing of his by not abiding to his superiors is a tell tale sign that they have removed a pain on their throats.

  • Johnathan

    I think Both Marc and Mike have the best intentions in mind to educate Catholics and I blieve both can go over board time to time. Voris just has a more stinging way of wording things but I believe both of there hearts are in the right place.

  • Helen

    You have turned the Church into something it is not! You all have forgotten this is Gods House! You respect yourselves more than you respect God. I am saying this in kindness for those who are intelligent enough to really look at what has happened. You built your church of nice on the words of protestant ministers who you think know more than True Catholics. You do not like confession, you do not like kneeling, you do not like the Priest facing God. You want him to face the people, You are totally disrespectful of lthe Eucharist and some of you do not believe it is the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ/ You take it in your hands and brush off the fine scraps and everyone steps on it. What do you think they are stepping on????? You complain that you were so scared when you were small and went to confession, or they were so strict. We are talking about your immortal soul,
    I would rather hear it like it is and try as hard as I can to be all that God wants me to be, knowing that I am weak and will fall many times but there is someone I go to and he helps me set my course again so I become stronger.if you are happy the way it is by all means contine but do not ever say you were not warned. I would rather listen to Michael Voris than some of the things I hear in the church of nice. And I do want the Church of warning,talking about sin and caring about my soul.

    • chezami

      Helen: You are talking to a fantasy of your Pharisaic mind. None of the charges you are bringing against complete strangers here is true. Which means you are a liar as well as claiming to be a judge of souls. But this is the poison Voris teaches his cult of personality to spray on fellow Catholics who believe the teaching of the Church and are in disobedience to none of her precepts. Repent. Go to confession and stop slandering strangers in gigantic pride and arrogance: the sin of Satan.

      • helensatmary

        Judge not lest YOU be judged. What I have written is my firm belief. I endured the Church of Nice for 12 years because where I lived there were no other choices. You do know we took the advice of 6 protestant ministers in adopting the Church of Nice. Yes I listen and agree with Michael Voris because I hope to save my miserable soul and that takes a lot of watching. To disrespect the Eucharist is a very serious sin, in my humble opinion. But go your way and we will all see how it ends. I only hope the Church of Nice will learn to be more respectful to the Lord Our God,

  • JBQ21

    So, what is the real reason for the attacks on Father Corapi. He spoke the truth but was a hypocrite. The forces of evil went after him not because he was a hypocrite but because he spoke the truth. Father Corapi was undone by his own weakness. Sadly, he always spoke the truth but was run over by a liberal gay conspiracy. The truth of a situation is never easy.

    • Boo

      Perfectly put. He was a target, as any of us will be when we start to speak the truth or are a public figure. But, he had the spitirual weapons to fight back too. Free will. And there by the grace of God go we.

  • JBQ21

    There are two issues at work here. Father Corapi was guilty as charged. The fact of sordid corruption to the highest levels in the Church is also guilty as charged.

  • Guest

    Michael Voris…LOL

    • Samuel Sneed

      I know right, I could have swore the guy was gay himself living in the most LGBT community in metro detroit and then being gay.

  • grumpy

    Michael Voris, is the meanest Catholic Queen since Marie Antoinette. LOL

  • Sheryl Coronel

    I believe in all that the Church teaches in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The reason why Michael Voris gets many followers is because he speaks the truth that so many people say they are Catholic but cower when it comes to imparting the more difficult teachings of our faith. He also speaks the truth about so many Catholics apostasizing. That can’t be denied because we see it all around. Whose fault is it?

    I do think that Voris sometimes goes overboard but i put it down to zeal and frustration, perhaps even battling despair over the daunting task of evangelization when so many people do not care about their own salvation. So i wouldn’t condemn Voris because i sense his true devotion to God and the Church. It is difficult to be meek and humble and yes, perhaps he should display more meekness and humility. But sometimes meekness and humility are made a convenient excuse to stay mum when one should speak out. Voris has loads of courage in defending the Church which so many can learn from.

    • Helen

      I love Michael Voris, I love his forcefulness to remind us that God is waiting for us to truly love and obey Him.. I like people who say what they mean and mean what they say and more of this in the Church would be helpful to those who care. Those who do not will always go their own way. I like forrhrightfulness, not careful talk that does not offend anyone. and does not lead us anywhere. I also feel Mr Shea should run his site as he likes and do not worry about Michael Voris so much.

  • Cathi M.

    I seem to have walked into the room in the middle of the discussion. Your article gives me no idea who this Michael Voris is, or what he does/has done, nor does it define SOLT, CNA,
    Before I can reject or buy into your opinion, I will have to know what it is that you are expending so much emotion venting about, and the definition of your terms. Otherwise, I’m afraid you’re just preaching to the congregation.
    Obviously, whatever this is about has you so distraught that there is no attempt to follow the cleanly structured exposition that Catholic discussion has historically been known for, rather than the emotionalism of the fundamentalists.

  • NDaniels

    Let’s be honest, one cannot be referring to poisonous fruit if one is being consistent with The Word of God.

    John Shore
    Sort by Newest

    NDaniels • a minute ago
    To Love, according to The Word of God, is to desire the Good of the other. God did not order us to live in loving relationship according to sexual desire/orientation, as that would be in direct violation of God’s own Commandment regarding lust and the sin of adultery. A daughter is not, in being, an object of sexual desire/orientation, but a young lady, worthy of being respected in private and in public. This is The Good News; from the moment of conception, every son and daughter of a human person, has been created in The Image and Likeness of God, equal in Dignity, while being complementary as male or female, Willed by God, worthy of Redemption.