John Zmirak: Emotional Blackmailer

John Zmirak: Emotional Blackmailer April 25, 2017

So today, the Stream ran the latest in a long line of absurd emotional blackmail threats from John Zmirak. This one attempts to put us all in a full nelson and force us to believe that Good Catholics have to support the fascist xenophobe Marine Le Pen or we support nothing less than “Vichy Sharia”. Given that Le Pen and her dad have had rather sympathetic things to say about Nazis and anti-semites (Dad once suggested that his critics should be put in ovens and his little girl still denies French culpability in rounding up Jews for the Nazis), one would think that Zmirak would demonstrate a little circumspection in invoking Vichy.

But no, the man who said that questioning the goodness of lying is to call for handing Jews over to Nazis, the master of rhetorical strategy who said that voting third party is the moral equivalent of masturbation, the sober reasoner who declared that “Amnesty Equals Abortion“, and the not-at-all emotionally manipulative arbiter of Catholic opinion who said that our choice lay between Hillary Diocletian killing us all or Donald Constantine the Savior of Christendom has now wisely opted to commit American Conservative Catholicism to the very sensible course of backing a French fascist whose newly shiny National Front Party has strategically backed away from xenophobic anti-semitism in order to retool and focus on xenophobic hatred of Muslims.

Le Pen’s attitude to the Church–especially the Church led by Pope Francis–is “Shut up”. Divorced and living with a new partner, as Traditionalists like Zmirak so eagerly support, she describes herself as a “Catholic outside the walls” (that is, an anti-Catholic Catholic who, like Zmirak, foments hostility to the Church’s teaching whenever it crosses her right wing ideological commitments). And so, Zmirak is all in for her, deploying his trademark Ridiculous False Alternative Strategy for pushing around a readership that actually believes such bushwah. Support this fascist or the Muslims will kill us all!!!

Best part: Le Pen is a pro-abort. But as long as she hates Francis and Muslims, that can be overlooked in favor of the real priority: battling the Church for Right Wing Culture of Death talking points.

The mutation of the anti-Catholic “prolife” heresy into its opposite proceeds apace. It began by claiming that stopping abortion was the only truly Catholic thing that mattered and that the rest of the Church’s teaching can be ignored and opposed till that goal is achieved. It moved on to using the unborn as human shields to protect the right wing that promised to end abortion. It became invested in defending all the anti-life policies of the Right. It is now moving on to abandoning the unborn in order to defend the Right Wing Culture of Death and battle the Church. Indeed, defeating the Church now matters more than defeating abortion.

Truth cancer strikes again.

Or, you could just listen to the the Church’s teaching on the sanctity of life from conception to natural death and embrace all that she teaches.

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