The Trouble with All Those “[Fill in the Blank] Pride” Weeks/Days/Months

Yes. I get that in English “pride” doesn’t simply mean “ice cold rejection of the love of God and neighbor and embrace of the lie of total self-sufficiency that is the sin which made the devil the devil and is the source of all moral evil in the universe”. It also means “loving one’s work, family, tribe, country, etc.” as in, “I’m proud of my daughter.”

Thing is, the people who use the word to describe their parades and so forth do often look at awful lot like they are indulging sin and not celebrating love.

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  • JB

    For all the blather about “Gay Pride” month being about “equality”, can anyone guess why there’s no Homeless Pride Day?

    Perhaps because no one in the White House or Congress give a flying f—- about the desperately poor? Or rather would prefer to see them exterminated?

    • Ted Seeber

      The homeless do not pay taxes, and as non-residents usually don’t vote either.

  • Rosemarie


    Our society celebrates lust an awful lot. All the time, really, including at Gay Pride parades.

    Is gluttony celebrated at eating contests?

    Wall Street celebrates greed. Occupy Wall Street celebrates envy.

    Oh, and politics is a major celebration of anger and hatred.

  • Rosemarie


    My other post seemed to disappear into the cyberether, so…

    As for acedia, I would celebrate that but I’m just too lazy and frankly the thought bores me.

  • Neil

    You can’t refute the philosoraptor.

  • JB

    “As for acedia, I would celebrate that but I’m just too lazy and frankly the thought bores me.”
    Off topic, for some reason this reminds me of an inherently funny sign in my local grocery store, for a “Bi-polar support group.” Just how would that work?

    • Ted Seeber

      Probably about as well as a rather disorganized pride group I belong to: The Asperger’s Self-Advocacy Network (never mind that people with Asperger’s, while not as silent as our autistic brothers, absolutely suck at any form of advocacy).