When the Apologetics Subculture Goes Bad

Time was when lay apologists understood that there is no office of “apologist” in the Church and that our efforts to defend the Faith were supposed to be done with respect to the Magisterium.

These days, however, it is just as easy to find anti-Catholics among “apologists” as it is to find them sitting at Maureen Dowd’s laptop. Case in point, self-styled “Catholic Champions” who decide that their job is to save the Church from the false teaching of the Second Vatican Council by ignoring the Decree on Ecumenism’s teaching concerning Protestants that

“The children who are born into these Communities and who grow up believing in Christ cannot be accused of the sin involved in the separation, and the Catholic Church embraces upon them as brothers, with respect and affection”


“Before the whole world let all Christians confess their faith in the triune God, one and three in the incarnate Son of God, our Redeemer and Lord. United in their efforts, and with mutual respect, let them bear witness to our common hope which does not play us false.”

Instead, the anti-Catholic Catholic, confident that God Almighty has called him to rescue the Church from the Council, pens screeds like “The Demonic Theology of Protestantism“–because a cathartic act of contempt for the Magisterium is more important than the Faith to the anti-Catholic Catholic whether he is a Progressive or Reactionary Dissenter. Indeed, we are now coming full circle to the weird world in which Hans Kung can now join hands with the Mel Gibson’s dad in the glad declaration that the Pope is not the Pope. In their own special way, people like Matthew Bellisario and Maureen Dowd have more in common than they realize. How good and pleasant it is when brothers and sisters dwell together in unity.

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  • Sal

    I always understood that first quote to mean that my mother-in-law, the Presbyterian elder, is not, in fact, John Calvin.

    • ivan_the_mad

      LOL mirabile dictu!

  • Nate

    “Everything was totally awesome and perfect, and then, for absolutely no reason at all, completely randomly, and totally, totally, totally with malice and evil in his heart, some little Augustinian theology professor in Germany got all pissy about the selling of indulgences. If it wasn’t for Luther completely fooling all of these good people, people who otherwise had no problems with anything that Rome was doing, then we would have never had this whole thing called Protestantism.”

    Whenever you read anti-Protestant screeds of this sort, you are bound to get completely gaga revisionist histories.

    • Ted Seeber

      The interesting thing about it was the selling of indulgences was the one thing the Pope and Luther actually agreed upon.

      What I blame Luther for is the freedom of Sola Scriptura- much in the same way as I blame al Wahabbi for the freedom of individual jihad. Beyond that, it’s pretty hard to generalize a group of people being heretical when their theology contains individualism to begin with.

  • ivan_the_mad

    I would not have been surprised to see the sidebar chock-full of SSPX or sede links …

  • News at 11: dumb people say dumb stuff to influence other dumb people. The slow and the uneducated and the ignorant have always been susceptible to this kind of thing. Short of controlling the media there’s no way around it. Pray for strong homilists and catechists to mitigate its effects.

  • Tiribulus

    Oh I respect this Matthew J. Bellisario guy much more than the demonic Catholic (big C Christopher) church herself. Vat II’s decree on ecumenism is an example of why I could not EVER in one trillion years ally myself with the spiritually weak and pathetic false church headquartered in that abomination in Rome.

    Bellisario’s deluded view of history seems to overlook a little backward nation called the United States, built squarely on protestant, and Calvinist protestant sensibilities, that rose in truly meteoric fashion to the status of singular superpower unseen in the history of the world. It wasn’t until she elected her first Catholic (big C Chris) president that she began her flaming tailspin into the debauched whorehouse she is today. Judgement of God? I think so.

    I do truly respect the man’s attitude though. I would commune with his Catholic (Big C) church long before the I would the waddling toothless ecumenical leviathan she actually is.