And that is the last you will hear about this man here

No oxygen. No fire. Let his name be forgotten and the memory of him blotted from the earth. Let him be handed over to God who is merciful and who we beseech to heal victims and redeem miserable sinners like this wretch. For his Name is great and good and he turned even Judas’ crime into grace, mercy and healing for all the world. Praise and adore him above all forever through Jesus Christ our Lord.

From now on, I will mention only the victims, several of whom acted heroically. Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. Eternal memory especially to those who gave their lives to protect others.

"PS, she might be proud of Arroyo but based on the gospels, Jesus isn't."

Fire Raymond Arroyo
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Fire Raymond Arroyo
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  • CJ

    Lego Dimension! HA!

  • Jose

    Don’t know that it is important to blot out mentioning these things. This guy has now become a defining part of the victims lives. Nobody who suffered in a death camp forgot their tormentors. We all still remember the names and faces of countless others in this murderous crowd that show us why Jesus even descended to hell. “For they no not what they do.”

  • Ted Seeber

    I don’t want 24-7 coverage. I don’t want pictures of the killer OR the victims. I don’t want to make the killer an anti-hero.

    I want full psychological workups of the murderer. I want *reason* applied to *madness* so that in the future, we can work harder on catching these people *before* a tragedy happens.

    That can all be done replacing names with numbers- and pictures don’t do any good, mass murderers just look like everybody else.

    • Hezekiah Garrett

      Psychological workups to catch these people beforehand?

      Ted, aren’t you a little worried about the danger trusting psychologists like this could put you and I in? You ain’t normal and neither am I. If they applied reason, I’d feel different, but I fear you’re inviting a profession to create scapegoats.

      I know that makes no sense, but its a gut thing. I read you, and had an instinctive seizing in my colon at the implications.

      Maybe I’m just paranoid.

      • Ted Seeber

        If I’m going to give in to my darker side and go out to Forest Park to take pot shots at skyscrapers in downtown Portland, I want to be stopped. I really do. If I’m in a position where I’m that far out of control of my own life, I’m better off in jail than I am on the streets.

        I’ve felt this homicidal rage. Never acted on it, but I know what it feels like.

        And yes, I want somebody to intervene if I ever get that bad again.

        • Hezekiah Garrett

          I agree with everything you say. I’ve been there somewhat recently.

          You said you want a thing, and I took it as you think this thing you want is possible. That was my assumption, and unfair. I don’t believe the thing you want is attainable, that psychologists successfully apply reason to such ends. I wish it were.

          We agree, it just scares me anyway.

          • Ted Seeber

            I think it is possible, but it will take a form of psychology that is able to apply reason to psychology. And that hasn’t been invented. Yet.

            Still, I think a study of the lives of mass murderers before they murder is highly worthwhile.

    • Hezekiah Garrett

      And thank you, Mark. As an unintended (and possibly vociferously despised) consequence of your promise, this is now THE blog for me. I’m staying right here, if only for some sanity. I always find it here.

  • Observer

    When you have a nihilistic age having been brought into both the culture and society, you cannot avoid nor stop such grave and ill tragedies as what just happended from the remotest possibilty of never happening. Since the initial moments where and when these sort of things could be avoided (and all attempt being abandoned, as well, in the mind, since most of these are pre-meditated) have no anchoring nor any sign post of hope againist despair (liken to a lighthouse to light up the dim clouded and stormed mind against an over-reaching and dismal outlook which men like this only perceive), our hope to ends up being diminished. Can you imagine how many men gave up their lives for our country against such a dark tyranny during the Great War (WWII)? They, as Gandalf raised the waters upon the horses which dark men rode after Frodo on his way to Rivendell, went againt it by fighting against their aggressors (the whole dark menace of society manifested through the evil occupations of evil done in Germany and abroad.) However they fought and did put an end to the immediate aggressor and menace to society, they could not defend the culture which would accept it (as Gandalf explained to Frodo that he did put an to the horses which the dark men did ride. However, he also explained those dark men still live.) Our Culture (American society) cannot defend itself against something which is no longer brought by force; but, by temptation and enticement through literature and a multitude of influential spheres (it’s alot harder to beat.)

    Just as Chesterton wrote “A Ballade of Suicide”:

    The gallows in my garden, people say,
    Is new and neat and adequately tall.
    I tie the noose on in a knowing way
    As one that knots his necktie for a ball;
    But just as all the neighbours–on the wall–
    Are drawing a long breath to shout “Hurray!”
    The strangest whim has seized me…. After all
    I think I will not hang myself to-day…

    If society can only grasp at and aspire to anything which is purely a form of decadence, there’s no turning back (hope) since soceity is stuck in a round-about whirlpool of non-sense and madness. When he pondered as a student of neurological research to go out and pursue such a horrific ingenious which he pursued with the given backdrop and theme of a movie which really boasted and characterized his actions/genious “the Dark Knight Rises”, what given antidote (remedy, cure, etc.) in the movie would had given him in his pre-meditated occupation a turning around from actually carrying it out?

    What other character could he had latched onto and observed some strength of virtue to possibly discontinue altogether the terrible rampage? What if the movie had been something as “A Man for All Seasons”? Or, quite possibly the movie “Up”? What movie could had been playing which endorsed virtue and moral uprightness of doing real good (as loving one’s neighbor)?

    No, he did not find a movie which would had been a moral anchoring for even the remotest possibility of a turning point from something so morally askewed and gravely wrong. Rather, he found nothing in a nihilistic mindset of dualism (the Bat-man and the so called Joker.) The man ceased to be able laugh with the sane as one would find satire or as St. Francis of Assisi was called: Jongular De Deo. The man had nothing in the remotest hope and destiny which Chesterton found in his own life-time. Why is/was Chesterton a good prophet for our age? Because, he always had the hope (remedy, cure, elixir, antidote, etc) of where he stood. Now, in a society which has abandoned ,and very likely done way with, the same cure Chesterton had (can in no way pursue to follow Chesterton since it has abandoned the very thing Chesterton stood upon as an anchoring of hope to which society may escape the darkening age which men had fought against in the Great War.)