George Carlin was some kind of genius

This amazing pastische of every pop culture/media buzzword and empty catchphrase of the new millennium is brilliant:

I’d go so far as to say it not just brilliant, it’s beyond new improved extra flexi dextra massive mammoth macro mega magna multi poly quanta ultra hyper supra tetra tera giga dyna electra turbo insta posi vita vibra omni chroma perma therma wondra nutra brilliant.

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  • Ted Seeber

    Too bad he was such a hypocrisy-inspired Agnostic. But I just *HAD* to get all the Shining Time Station videos from the era when he was Mr. Conductor for my son. And I LOVED him in the role of Cardinal Glick in Dogma- I knew so many “Spirit of Vatican II” priests and Bishops that were just the type to come up with Buddy Christ, and push forward with something like a plenary indulgence for people who contributed financially to the Church (even today). The only surprise for Carlin’s character in that movie was nobody was selling tickets to the centennial Mass.

  • Mark R

    I have a very soft spot in the heart for Carlin. I listened to his albums when I was in public school in the early ’70s while playing cards with the bad kids. As we can see, he could be very funny playing clean. Semantics was the keystone to his overall humor.
    Comedic talent is not contingent upon one’s religious opinions or spiritual praxis.

  • Irenist

    His death was a great loss; we need honest jesters.

  • Atheist

    To all of you Christians who like the work of George Carlin: Stop! You can’t have him. He is ours. We loved him and we appreciated all his views we didn’t need to pick and choose. Gets your filthy claws out of our comedian. Thank you.