Hey, Iowa City, IA!

The Catholic Young Adult Network (The C.Y.A. Network) for the Diocese of Davenport is an exciting new movement within the diocese, created to connect young adult Catholics, ages 18-39, to each other, to their parishes, and to the various ministries available to them. Our goal is know God, love God, and serve God, and to strengthen and share our faith through a variety of events, meetings and social activities on both the parish and diocesan level.

Their kickoff event will be a BBQ at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Iowa City, IA, on Sunday, July 15th. It will start at 3:30 with a young adult mass and then they’ll fire up the grill at 5:00. We’ll have games, food and fun for this first meeting of the CYA Network.

For more info, e-mail davenportcyan@gmail.com. Facebook page is forthcoming!

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  • Julie

    Yay!!! This is my diocese. Finally they are trying to connect with young people and offer activities for them. People have left our particular parish because there is nothing offered for young people. But we have an exciting new priest, Father Marty Goetz. Now if we can get “Father” Richard McBrien out of our paper, the Catholic Messenger!

    • The future is weird: this is my diocese, but I hadn’t heard about this event until a man 2000 miles away posted this on his blog. When I awoke and read this entry I thought I might still be asleep. I’m glad to see the diocese is continuing its slow-but-consistent reform under Bishop Amos. I wish he did more, but I can’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. I’ll try to show up, for sure. And yes, The Catholic Messenger is for lining birdcages, if that.

      • K Scott

        Hi Steven,
        My name is Kelly Franklin, and my wife and I work with the promoters/leaders of the new young adult movement, C.Y.A Network. Glad you found out about it! We hope you can join us, and we’re working to spread the word through social media. We’re working on getting the FB page searchable, but it takes a few days for it to show up in search engines.
        In answer to a couple of your (serious and nonserious) questions: we decided to have the age-group as inclusive as possible. If there are people on the higher end of the age-group, great! As to “Young Adult Mass,” that just means that we’re having a mass FOR the young adults. Likely our lectors will be young adults, but as you know, that’s not really the point. We’re committed to the orthodoxy, fun, and awesomenes, and we’re just getting off the ground so pray for us. God bless!

        • Mark Shea

          “CYA Network” Tee hee!

          • Linebyline

            Isn’t that the name of Facebook’s legal team?

          • K Scott

            I know, I guess we’re invoking the internet slang there a bit. Unintentional, but those are the letters we’re dealing with for our existing name. It actually sort of works. . . 🙂

      • Celine

        Hey there Steven and Julie, I work for the Messenger and, like Kelly, am part of the team coordinating the Catholic Young Adult Network. Not to take the discussion off track, but would just like to mention that our June 28 issue included an article about the BBQ. Also, Fr. McBrien is no longer writing because of illness; we haven’t published a column by him in quite a few months. Most weeks, we’ve been enjoying insightful columns by Father Robert Barron!
        Look for another article about the Catholic Young Adult Network around the time of our young adult conference in October! A good thing happening in our diocese.

        • 1) I find it telling your justification for replacing Fr. McBrien is illness rather than heterodoxy. So when he gets to feeling better you’ll boot Fr. Barron?

          2) Young people don’t read The Messenger. You (should) know that. I’m pretty sure middle-aged people don’t read it, either. Has the diocese conducted a poll of actual readership numbers within the last, say, 10 years, after internet use became widespread?

  • Serious question: what exactly is a “young adult” Mass? A Mass with young adults as cantor, etc.?
    Less serious question: since when is a 39 year old a “young adult?”

    • Mark Hartman

      When the people setting up the organization are, like me, over 55. 🙂

      • K Scott

        Thanks Mark Shea for the blurb. Thanks Mark Hartman for your work! You “older than 39” auxiliary guys are awesome. 🙂

  • Mary

    Wow, I am stunned…I am 24 and live in Iowa City and had no clue about this! Such an answer to a prayer though. I have felt utterly isolated as a (very) active, young-adult, Catholic, and have often joked that my “real” Parish/Catholic community is the blogosphere (particularly Mark Shea’s page). Seeing the announcement about the C.Y.A. here . . .oh my, God answers prayers!

    I am insanely excited about this! Thank you, Mr. Shea for giving me the heads up!

    • K Scott

      I’m so sorry to hear that! My wife and I felt EXACTLY the same until fairly recently. Iowa City is a weird place to be Catholic. If you like, why don’t you e-mail me (skyminder@msn.com) and I can fill you in on some more upcoming things. You’re not alone!
      -Kelly Scott Franklin

  • If Kelly Franklin and his bride are at the helm, this will likely be very good!

    • K Scott

      You’re biased because you have the same birthday as us.

  • Alexander Anderson

    Ah, unfortunately I’m in the great state of Minnesota that weekend. But this sounds really exciting, and it sounds really good for Iowa City. Which I’m happy about, even if the city is full of Hawkeyes. Freakin’ Hawkeyes.

  • Julie

    Seeing the word orthodoxy connected to the Diocese of Davenport warms my heart and gives me hope.

  • Julie

    Celine, I am sorry I missed reading the June 28 Messenger. My family and I were on vacation that week. To Colorado Springs! We got evacuated. I also am being a deadbeat, I owe my parish yet for the paper. I don’t enjoy the paper’s liberal bent, but there are a lot of liberal, and also very poorly catechized Catholics in our area, (My Catholic school experience was abysmal) hence all of the ex Catholics in Evangelical churches. I love seeing this hope here.