I don’t think we have Chik-Fil-A in Seattle

If we did, I’d go buy a drumstick for freedom of speech and to stick a thumb in the eye of the Gay Legion of Menacing Visigoths for Tolerance and their willing accomplices in the media.

Meanwhile, Rod Dreher has a brilliant idea.  Buy Chik-Fil-A for the homeless.  You do several works of mercy at once: feeding the hungry, instructing the ignorant, admonishing sinner, and comforting the afflicted.  This particular witchhunt by the Left is as despicable and sinister as anything done by Joe McCarthy.  I think we have a duty to find some way to tell the witch hunters to blow it out their ear.  May this turn out to be a financial windfall for Chik-Fil-A.  They should make a special point of supplying a Christian food relief charity and inviting the fascist mayor of Boston to make some matching grant.  It would be nice to Caesar and a major corporation do something that results in helping instead of trampling the poor for a change.

I like Rod’s assessment of this fascistic moral panic being ginned up by the Leftist Thought Police:

This is all about some fake-journalism scheme dreamed up by a few extremely parochial, bourgeois anti-Christian bigots who work in the Newsweek/Daily Beast building in lower Manhattan.

It’s not about reforming a great social wrong. It’s about destroying the reputation of a restaurant whose owners are traditional Christians who share the views on marriage of half the country. (…)

Listen, pro-gay folks: this kind of thing is why many Christians and other social conservatives fear what’s coming.

It is not enough for many on your side to achieve your goals of legal equality.

You seek to destroy anybody who dissents, including ruining them professionally. And you have the mainstream media on your side.

A while back, I was chastised for speaking of Gay Brownshirts.  If its bad to *say* “Gay Brownshirt”, just imagine how bad it is to act like one.  That the mayors of large metropolitan areas are jumping on this shameful fascistic bandwagon to crush free speech should be an embarrassment to the Left.  That it is instead a source of pride simply illustrates the simple power of Kathy Shaidle’s words, “Dear Gay Militants. This is why people can’t stand you.” Call off the dogs, or may your campaign backfire and lead to record profits for Chik-Fil-A.

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  • SecretAgentMan

    Chik-Fil-A is good eatin’.

  • Marion (Mael Muire)

    Great idea, Mark.

    We have Chick-Fil-A restaurants where I live, although not convenient. Nevertheless.

    On a day each week when I am not working, I plan to buy a couple of buckets from there and schlep them over to a homeless shelter on the other side of town and drop them off.

    I plan to do this early, and do it often.

  • Plus, those who have a problem with it need to understand that “being opposed to gay marriage” is only 3% of their services.

  • FWKen

    Ok, it’s fillets, not bone-in pieces. We aren’t talking KFC or Popeye’s. Mainly, it’s sandwiches, although they have added strips. Not everyone likes the product; I do.

    The great thing about CFA is the service. I’ve never had bad, and one day when the manager thought I had bad service, he apologized and gave me coupons for free sandwiches. My only problem with them is when I want some on Sunday.

  • Tammy

    We have Chick Fil A here and as of a few days ago, they were still crowded and busy all day long, but I live in a conservative little city (we have nary an abortion clinic or x rated book store in our fair burg but we do have 5 homes for unwed mothers). Our stores will not suffer in this brouhaha.

    We are frequenters to one of the stores because my daughter has a crush on the young man at the register….his name is “John Paul” so that is a good sign.

    • ds

      I’ve done some work with unwed mothers. You know, just helping them get their start. I also opened a half-way house for girls that don’t go all the way. (props to Steve Martin)

  • Dave G.

    Chicken sandwiches actually. The best. Typically a bit pricey for me, but in light of everything, I’ll try to get an order once a week. My company, which is proudly pro-gay rights, also has a cafeteria that supplies Chik-Fil-A. I’m interested to see what will happen there. We just finished July, which I guess was LGBT month, with many suggestions we sign up for the company’s PRIDE organization. So we’ll see. But then, CFA has been in the news in the past. A couple years ago, someone was upset that they close on Sundays. It’s not new to them.

  • Chris M

    GetReligion has had a couple of really good posts on the whole CFA blowup. I was engaged in a discussion with a friend on facebook about it and she accused CFA of promoting “violence and hatred” towards gays. I asked her to back up her assertion.. the pro-SSM group page showed CFA donated to about half a dozen Christian organizations, with most of the money going to the FCA and another NFP group who’s name eludes me that spent pretty much all their money feeding starving folks overseas.

    …and that’s violence and hatred how again?

  • Johnb

    Absolutely the best chicken sandwich hands down. Mark, you should eat at one next time you are visiting Alabama. There is one very close to EWTN (I’ve seen some of the brothers there). Email me and I’ll even treat!

    Aside from the great food, the service at every location is top notch and friendly. I can safely say they practice what they preach and their Christian values are exemplified through their service.

    In the end, this is a loss for the gay rights folks. They are missing out on some great food.

  • Rosemarie


    The only one in my area is kinda distant and on a university campus. I don’t know whether I’d be allowed on campus just to buy food so it doesn’t look like I can help out that franchise just yet.

  • Dennis Mahon
  • Ignatius

    As somebody with Spanish -specifically, Castilian- roots, I take offense from the use of “Visigoths” in order to label the Gay Brownshirts (there, I said it). Visigoths were barbarians, yes, but they gradually converted from Paganism to Christianity, though they were for a long time Arians. Call them Janissaries or something similar!

  • Faramir

    The fact that you think Chick-fil-A sells drumsticks confirms that you have not been to one. You really should – the food is good, and they have extremely high standards for service and cleanliness.

  • Sean O

    Mayor Rahm of Chicago is a grade A jerk, but he is not stupid. He is a crafty weasel. He knows the ban on Chick-fil-a is illegal and will not stand in court. He has some other agenda at work here.

  • MikeTheGeek

    Our local one plays Christian background music. My wife prefers their milk shakes above all others. Their sandwiches are really good, and the waffle fries are excellent. If you want to minimize the cals, they have low-fat mayo and grilled sandwiches. The breakfast burritos are also really good, but a bit difficult to eat on the freeway.

    On vacation this year, we happened into one in Stafford, Virginia. It was absolutely packed to the gills – as in, “The Zombie Apocalypse has arrived and this is the last place to make a stand” packed – but we still got prompt service, good food, and their was even a guy walking from table to table asking if he could get us anything.

    I have been an occasional patron – I will make a point of eating there weekly.

  • jcb

    If you ever find yourself near one before 10:30 am, I heartily recommend the spicy chicken biscuit.

    • ds

      Shoot, I rarely get out of bed before 1030 am, and if I do I’m puking my guts out.

    • Hezekiah Garrett

      Sure, if you want a nasty bun parading as a biscuit…

      • jcb

        Which, apparently, I do.

        • Hezekiah Garrett

          Unless you are from a few states in one corner of the continent, you can be forgiven bad taste arising from ignorance.

          McDonald’s actually has a better biscuit than Chik-fil-a, but that just shows how debased the CFA ‘biscuit’ is.

          Its been years since I had the sandwich, but IT is the most amazing thing on earth!!! Especially with heavy mayo and xtra pickles.

          Boycotting Chik-fil-a really is penance.

  • I used to eat at Chick-Fil-A quite often, until it dawned on me that the filet in every sandwich was identical to the filet in every other sandwich. Nature doesn’t make chickens so uniformly, not even nature helped along by genetic modification. The filets had to be stamped out of chicken product by a machine, in the manner of McNuggets. I described this to a Sedevacantist friend of mine, who declared the whole thing to be “most depraved!” and inquired whether the Freemasons were behind it. I don’t share his views, but I never could work up much appetite for Chick-Fil-A thereafter. As for the idea of eating three meals at Chick-Fil-A today, that strikes me as something one would wish on one’s enemies. Perhaps some militant advocates of gender-neutral marriage have infiltrated the leadership of their opposition and is trying to foist this diet on them.

  • Ghosty

    I think Antoine Dodson, of YouTube and Autotune fame, had the most reasonable response to this. For those that don’t know he’s a gay man from the projects himself, and anyone familiar with that environment will know that it isn’t typically inviting of homosexuals. He’s dealt with true discrimination in his day, I’m sure, and he’s not falling for this Chik-Fil-A nonsense.

    Peace and God bless!

    • ds

      They climbin in your windows, they snatchin your chicken up!
      Hide ya shakes, hide ya fries, hide ya shakes, hide ya fries, and hide your filets cause the r_pin Chik-Fil-A out here.

  • Ghosty

    Sorry, meant to post a link with the last post. Here’s Antoine’s response on YouTube.


  • brian_in_brooklyn

    Clearly, the pols attempts to use the power of the state to punish free speech where way over the line. Thank God we have groups like the ACLU to defend us against governmental attempts to stifle free speech! http://chicagoist.com/2012/07/27/aclu_to_chicago_aldermanic_privileg.php

    But are you opposing boycotts, too? If so, then I expect you’ll be washing down that tasty chicken sandwich with a Starbucks Frappuccino* http://www.christianpost.com/news/nom-launches-boycott-of-starbucks-over-same-sex-marriage-stance-72006/

    *avoid ’em both. Neither are very healthy, especially for thous of us with diabetes.

    • Mark Shea

      No problem with boycotts. Though boycotts should actually be about something real and not about bullshit moral panic ginned up by gay fascists on moral jihads against Thoughtcrime. My main issue was with the sinister attempt by the state to smash a private business in order to please the jihadis. It is secondarily with the fact that the jihadis fully approve of this and would, if it were possible use this tactic more and more as they gain power.

  • I’m here in the People’s Republic of Boston, where the city government would rather you smoke weed than enjoy America’s best chicken sandwich. For all you out there living in saner locales, please: go enjoy some nuggets on our behalf.

  • Ted Seeber

    Nearest one is 349 miles away at Boise State University in Idaho.

  • ds

    Everybody is stupid on both sides of this thing. Libs who just heard this bout chikfila: Im never eating there again!! Conservatives: im gonna eat a shitload of chikfila!! Just eat where you damn well please and shut up, both of you idiots. Its the Susan G Komen tempest in a teacup all over again. Y’all’s pole vaultin over mouse turds.

    Screw it, I’m goin to White Castle.

    • Andy, Bad Person

      Its the Susan G Komen tempest in a teacup all over again.

      You’re right. It’s exactly the same. An organization takes a moral stance and gets brutalized by militant Bullies for Love [TM]. The only difference is that this time it’s about gay marriage instead of abortion.

      Hopefully, Chick-fil-A has more integrity than Komen did.

      • ds

        Sign indicate Chikfila has a little more integrity but not much. So far they have lied that the muppets backed out of the toy deal not because they support gay rights, but because there was a safety issue with the toys. Also appears they put in a fake astroturfed chikfila defender on facebook.

        • Dave G.

          Last I heard, nobody was sure which version was correct. Do you have the inside scoop?

        • Chris M

          Was that Corporate or one of the franchisees?

  • ds

    Has Ernie Anastos weighed in on this yet?


  • Joannie

    I think we are now finally getting to the point where people both here and elsewhere around the world are simply sick and tired (and fed up like I am ) with all of this real bullying that’s been going on for several years but has accelerated in the last few years under Obama and all of his minions. Thought Crimes? Well the heck is that? You cannot commit a crime simply for having a thought or an opinion and that add the words “hate” “bigot” or “violence’ or “offended”. The American People all have rights under the US Constitution as well as from God, and no Leftist or Pro- Abort or GLAD people are going to silence us because they are the REAL INTOLERANT BULLIES! Just let them try to stop the People of God, because if they do they will really be fighting God and they will FAIL and quite miserably too. This is all to me about pushing the 1848 Communist Manifesto and it will fail big time just like it did in Eastern Europe because it just does not work that’s been proven so I am not going to worry about it. These people are Godless and soon God will punish all of them for their oppression and persecution of Christians. God always rescues those who are being oppressed and no it just happens to be us, but we have Truth on our side and none of them do so they will LOSE BIG.

  • ds

    <God always rescues those who are being oppressed…

    Sometimes it does take Him a few hundred years to get around to it.

    • Chris M

      Isn’t that a pisser that the Almighty doesn’t just do what we want him to do when we want him to do it?

  • Hezekiah Garrett

    Before we all gorge ourselves, anybody think to ask what the man we bought the chicken from does with his cash?

    A healthy chunk goes to evangelization of catholics, drawing them from the faith, from argentina to malta.

    You are funding the “evangelization” of malta! St paul already did that, folks!

    • Dave G.

      And the point is? Maybe it’s time for Catholics to step up with some equal time evangelizing, rather than always complaining that Protestants actually take the Great Commission seriously. Not to be mean, but whenever I hear Catholics criticize Protestants for evangelizing for any reason, it reminds me of that scene in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Nicholson tells the patients he’s going to tear out this huge water dispenser in the bathroom. He tries, and tries. His muscles bulge, his face turns red, but he just can’t. The patients all giggle at him as he walks away. Finally, he turns around and says to them, “But I tried, didn’t I? Damn it, at least I did that.” When I hear Catholics spend any time criticizing Protestants for evangelizing, I think of that scene.

  • Ted Seeber

    Ok, here’s an odd question:
    Given the stereotype (and it is a stereotype, I imagine, complete with counter examples in real life) of the average homosexual being *more* fit and trim than the average heterosexual ( because, after all, the real reason to deny the sin of gluttony is to be able to commit the sin of lust, right?) why would any of them be eating at Chick-Fil-A in the first place?

  • Confederate Papist

    Bwa wa wa wa bfckfwa, mmmmm!

    • Confederate Papist

      Sorry…my mouth was full with Chick Fil A…

      I said, I love going to Chick Fil A. Been to the original Dwarf House, which started the Chick Fil A franchise.

      Next story: “not only does Dan Cathy hate gays….he HATEs dwar…erm, little people..erm, height challenged people…..”

      • Hezekiah Garrett

        I don’t care how Dan feels about ‘gays’, Truett doesn’t think much of Catholics. I have Dan’s personal intimation that some things will change when the guard changes, but until Truett’s heart changes, or he shuffles off the coil, lets be more careful about applying the enemy of my enemy kinds of logic…

        • Dave G.

          Again, your problem? He’s not Catholic, what do you expect? He certainly doesn’t seem to think any less of Catholics than you seem to think of Protestants, especially of an American stripe. So what?

        • Confederate Papist

          I’m pretty sure they’d be standing shoulder to should with us in this HHS atrocity, Hez.

  • trespinos

    A Chick-fil-A in Mountain View, if it is built, would be the closest to me, and still too far to drive to. Bummer. My taste buds are curious about their chicken salad sandwich.

    • Hezekiah Garrett

      Save your time, make your own. If you’re going to endanger the souls of co-religionists, at least go for the fillet sandwich and waffle fries. Let them do what they do best.

      • Chris M

        “If you’re going to endanger the souls of co-religionists” really? REALLY? Please tell me this is hyperbole for comedic effect.

  • Bill

    Catholics evangelize everywhere and do a great job at it with people who aren’t even Monotheistic.

    Evangelicals poach Catholics mostly and other high-church folks. It’s a rather cheap form of evangelization.

    • Dave G.

      Out of 1.1 billion Catholics? Sure, some evangelize and do a great job at it, and God bless them for it. But they are the exception. Meanwhile, contrary to Catholic myth, Evangelicals don’t ‘poach’ Catholics any more than they try to reach out to any they feel in need of salvaiton. Truth be told, most Catholics I knew who went to Protestant churches came on their own, nobody going door to door trying to get them, but by simple invitation to a Bible study here, a church service there. But in any event, call it a cheap form of evangelizaiton if you will, but at least it’s a form.

  • FW Ken

    I grew up near the buckle on the Baptist belt, and am very familiar with the whole “Whore of Babylon” schtick. Granted, the secularists are more vehement these days, but some of the Baptists get into it too (so do lots of Episcopalians, btw, liberal and conservative). That preacher at First Baptist, Dallas who thought the Mormons are a cult thinks the Catholic Church is also a cult.

    So what? That’s their problem and I will address them as my brothers and sisters in Christ. They are not my enemy.

    • Dave G.

      I’ve heard the same said about Protestants by some Catholics. When I first became a Catholic, I was ready to go at any of my former Protestant brethren who tried the Whore of Babylon approach (though in recent years, it should be noted those numbers have diminished and in fact a growing number of Evangelical and Conservative churches are moving from that approach). But since I’ve been Catholic, I’ve found that there are Catholics who give as good as they get. So in the end, I realize that the worst examples don’t define them. Though it is worth noting that, almost to a man, a fundamentalist who screams ‘Whore’ at the Catholic Church would do what he could to ‘win their souls.’ I’ve noticed when Catholics throw the ‘blasphemous heretics’ at Protestants, often it seems as if it’s for no other reason than to say ‘blasphemous heretics’ about Protestants.

      • Ted Seeber

        Protestants are far too young to be the “Whore of Babylon”.

  • David C

    Mark evangelizes this so called protestant (who is really an evangelical catholic) all of the time. No harm done.

    • Dave G.

      Again didn’t say nobody does, but on the whole, not a trademark of modern American Catholicism. It’s not really that big deal. Usually nobody admits the lack of evangelism more than Catholics. It’s just one of those strange things, I guess, that when it is pointed out as criticism more than ‘come on guys we can do better’, folks might get a bit defensive. But note well: Mark is a convert himself.

  • If you hate gay marriage so much, just don’t marry a gay person, okay? Wow, that was an easy solution to Bible-based hate!