My grand-daughter is way smarter than your dumb kid

Not three till next month. Already reading the immortal classic “The Great Cow Race” by Jeff Smith.

Also, she’s megawatts cuter even with a messy spaghetti face.

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  • Tammy

    Quite a cutie : ) Im convinced that my grandson Augustin is the most wonderful child ever. His only fault is that he would chew off his leg to get away from me and to his grandfather since “PA” is his favorite.

  • ivan_the_mad

    Bone??? Yup. Your assertion is infinitely correct.

  • Confederate Papist

    She *is* a doll!

  • Ted Seeber

    This, as a special needs parent, makes me a bit sad. Why? Because one early (and unnoticed at the time) symptom of my Asperger’s is that I was reading Dr. Seuss before I could properly talk- my mother said when I did start talking, I babbled in perfect iambic pentameter.

    Contrast that with my Christopher (the same one I referred to earlier in the post about the Archdiocese of Portland, with CP and Spina Bifida) who at age 9 still struggles to tell lowercase b, d, p, and q apart, gets 25 mixed up with 52, and can’t figure out phonics for love nor money, and is just now approaching a 100 word sight reading vocabulary.

    Kids grow up at different speeds. But God gives each of us counterbalancing gifts- my son is WONDERFUL at fundraising and selling. Even if he still can’t count the money he earns (to him, a penny, a nickle, a dime, a quarter, a dollar bill, and a five dollar bill are all equal in value).

  • Peggy Hagen

    Three?! But – no! This cannot be! How have you contrived to so speed up time, O Dark Lord? Or – perhaps – is it Time Lord? Art thou then the Master?

  • Art

    My child is a year older and can beat up your Honor Roll student! ONLY KIDDING! ha ha I just remember the bumper stickers, is the only reason I bring it up! Cut kiddo! I find it amazingly awesome! KUDDOS!

  • thomas tucker

    Ahem. My children know how to use napkins, Your Grandfatherliness.

  • Peggy R

    You are quite right. A mom of special needs kids.

  • Joe Mc. Faul

    Your exuberance is both becoming and hereditary!!

  • Gabriel Austin

    Every grandchild is the cutest, most intelligent, lovable child without exception. I do not know how God does this, but there is much I do not know about God.