Show me a culture that despises virginity…

…and I’ll show you a culture that despises children.

If you homeschool your kids they will be sadly deprived of the peer pressure to be studs and sluts by the time they are six. How tragic to be out of touch with Normal American Culture.

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  • beccolina

    They will also avoid the pressure to be in the dating game by 11 or 12 (or earlier). So many things have become entrenched in the culture and are viewed as normal and harmless, so we see little girls wearing skimpy outfits and it’s considered cute. Then they develop and it’s not cute anymore, but the groundwork has been laid. If you wouldn’t let your 16-yr-old wear a certain outfit, don’t put your 4-yr-old in it! In my experience, the evangelical Bible church in town is doing a better job raising it’s youth to be modest, avoid the dating game, and enjoy the freedom Christian values bring to life instead of viewing them as pointless rules. That said, the majority of the local homeschoolers go there, too (which is why we spend so much time with that congregation).

    • Ted Seeber

      Try 5. My son had his first girlfriend at 4, and his second at 5.

      • beccolina

        5-yr-old boys should think girls have cooties.

        • Ted Seeber

          I skipped that stage also. Though I did find them strange and incomprehensible until my late 20s. Still do, but that would be due more to my wife’s word meaning dyslexia and her main coping skill, which is overuse of the pronoun.

  • No, little ones often want to marry their first friend of the opposite sex. By 6-7 is when cooties begin and kids start to ID exclusively with the same sex. All this can be influenced by older sibs who use the words boyfriend and girlfriend.