Chestertonians Doing Good Things!

Sharon Parker, the organizational genius behind the Reno Chesterton Conference, writes:

It was great to have you in Reno for ChesterCon 2012. You may recall that at the banquet I brought my pastor, a Franciscan priest, Fr. Francisco. He and I and some others, both Catholic and Protestant, have started an organization here in Northern Nevada called Libertas Nevada, dedicated to fighting various threats to religious liberty. The HHS mandate was the issue that galvanized us. We organized the March 25 rally for religious freedom and various activities during the Fortnight for Freedom. We have put together a panel presentation on the HHS mandate which we have been doing at Catholic and Evangelical Protestant churches about once a month. We are also working on strategies to introduce or support favorable legislation such as a Religious Freedom Restoration Act for Nevada, or a freedom of conscience act. In addition, we have drafted a questionnaire about religious freedom issues to send to candidates for political office in Nevada, which is posted on our web site. We have a blog as well.

Unleash the awesome power of the Chestertonian!*

*Chestertonian awesomeness includes charisms of brewing beer, telling jokes, being hopelessly disorganized, writing clerihews, thinking deeply, enjoying cigars, and liking children, sunshine, Dickens, and macaroons.

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  • Barbara

    Was Gilbert disorganized? And I thought I couldn’t love him more!

  • Kevin O’Brien

    Mark, you have defined Chestertonian Spirituality. Thank you for that!

    I, for one, am rather organized – but it’s my inner Belloc at work.

  • ivan_the_mad

    Ha! The last two sentences are a gem!

  • Eric the Read

    Alas, I cannot be a Chestertonian then, for among those charisms I lack both the ability to tell a joke, and I can’t abide Dickens. If you’ll let me in anyway, I can bring a nice Scotch Ale (at least in a few weeks, when it is ready to drink).

    • Mark Shea

      Welcome aboard. Chestertonians love eccentrics.