Christians Doofus for Traditional Marriage

…sets fire to General Mills property, videos it, runs away with fire still burning, and carefully posts video so that world can see he is a doofus for Jesus–and cops can find him.

Best combox comments: “Who’s flaming now?” and one describing him as a “cereal arsonist”.

Searchers for moral symmetry tend to glom on to dumb crap like this as “just as bad” as the rich exec humiliating the minimum wage lady at Chik-Fil-A.  But, of course, that’s rubbish.  The only guy this dude humiliates is himself.

It’s one thing to do a dumb thing like this, film it, and have the stunt go awry. It takes Special Dumb Sauce to then conclude, “Instead of deleting from my camera this brainless act of public vandalism to the private property of a major corporation with a battalion of lawyers, I think the wisest course of action would be for me to post what I have done to the internet so that all may laugh at me and I can be financially destroyed by said battalion of lawyers.”

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  • Chris M

    see.. now THIS guy is a “hater”. He denigrates and belittles and misuses God’s word to attack people that are also made in God’s image.

  • Rosemarie


    Agree completely. These two acts are equally useless “statements” that made their perpetrators feel “purposeful” while accomplishing nothing at all. Boneheaded as this stunt was, however, it did not victimize another innocent person, as you said.

    Too bad he wasn’t bright enough to bring along a fire extinguisher. Or oven mitts. Flame-retardant clothes, maybe.

    • SouthCoast

      “Boneheaded as this stunt was, however, it did not victimize another innocent person, as you said.” Perhaps not, and not immediately. However, sitting here above my expansive view of bone-dry and brown SoCal chaparral, with the evidence of 4-year-old wildfire still evident in the gaps in the avocado grove across the valley, I think it was only luck or Divine intervention that kept his dumassery from ending up as something much, much worse. Out here, we take arson seriously.

      • John in NE

        I agree with you that playing with fire way too easily turns out to be anything but playing. BUT: When someone decides to record their “Lesson 1 about playing with fire” and it yields surprising, yet non-catastrophic results, I confess I find it extremely funny.

        Search youtube for “stop drop and roll fail”. You’ll be amazed how many people must have simply thought fire was merely “quite warm” as opposed to @#$%^%$ HOT!

      • Rosemarie


        You’re right, that could have ended very, very badly. All the more reason not to use blow torches to make a political statement.

  • Marion (Mael Muire)

    In a nutshell, there is a kernel of truth in his message. I guess he was feeling his oats, and it’s obvious he doesn’t fear the reaper. His actions, grist for the mill, would for most observers, go against the grain.

    I wonder if the suits at General Mills were quaking in their boots? Hope you all will forgive the corny cliches, and will appreciate a wrye sense of humor.

    • ::groan::

      that was Shea-worthy for sure…

    • Chris M

      Marion, you’re such a flake!

    • What punnishment!

  • But don’t we need to know more about this man before we can judge his act? And furthermore, how many of us can honestly say that at one point or another we haven’t felt an urge to set fire to a public piece of property? If something is illegal it acquires a mystique, and most people have these desires two or three times a day. Therefore, this type of behavior should be put out in the open to be celebrated.

    For those unfamiliar with this sketch:

    • Ted Seeber

      I haven’t felt the urge to destroy public property since I torched a rival’s locker in high school and a counselor tried to tell me how dangerous it was that for all I knew, this serious computer geek was in shop class and had stored gasoline in his locker. I found his logic not quite good, but it was a good example of potential unintended consequences of such actions.

      Plus I got the best repentance of my life out of it- staying after school on the last day to clean out lockers. I took home a ton of unwanted swag 16 hours later.

      • I didn’t intend to make fun of the behavior or people who have done such things, but rather the rationalization/celebration of such behavior that is prevalent today, and especially present in that guy’s glee in the video. The vandalism reminded me of Graham Chapman’s psychiatrist in the sketch I linked, so I was just trying to connect the two videos.

        I’m glad your scenario worked out well in the end. When I was much younger, I did engage in some destructive behavior, but (thankfully) nothing close to that level, and my parents did deal with it quickly.

  • John Thrippleton

    Damn stupid. Both acts. I really wish these people would just shut up so as to not distract from the real debate on this issue. This type of rhetorical nonsense just makes the debate more vile and hateful and accomplishes absoutely nothing.

  • jcb

    “The only guy this dude humiliates is himself.”

    He humiliates us as well. At least, I feel humiliated when I see things like this. (Or at least what I presume are things like this, since I can’t bring myself to actually watch this.) This may be sub-rational, but I do.

  • Nick R

    Are the nominations for “clumsiest protest of the year” open yet?

  • Josh

    As a rough metric I find that when I am urgently hissing at those around me to quickly get in the car, my protest has already lost about 50% of its effectively. Roughly.

    • Josh

      Should be “effectiveness”.

  • Only in Minnesota! The land of 10,000 Loons. Jesse Ventura was once our Governor. Ha!

    • “Jesse Ventura was once our Governor.”

      You think that’s crazy? Did you forget that Al Franken is now our senator!??!?!?!?

  • Paul

    Hot foot! Hot foot!

  • Hasn’t he ever heard of “take two”?
    I think after a few tries he could have gotten the hang of it. After all, this is the kind of thing that can’t be fixed in post.

  • Oh, and while we’re still on the subject:
    That lovely girl Smith targeted has a fascinating five-part interview up online, together with her fiance. She continues to be a gracious person, and says that she “forgave [Smith] before he apologized.”
    She also refused to comment in any way on her own position on gay marriage. Which I think was smart, because then people would make the whole thing about that, not about the need for civility in our society.
    Check it out!

  • Kerry

    This is sheer stupidity on his part and why are you encouragins us to view it by posting? He doesn’t need anymore air time, that’s for sure. A minute of my life I’ll never get back. Sheesh.

  • SecretAgentMan

    What the hell is in Cheerios, anyway?

    • Ted Seeber

      Ground up oats, mainly.

  • Rosemarie


    When my husband viewed it, he declared it a fake by a gay marriage supporter trying to make the other side look stupid. I must admit, I did have a few questions about it while watching. But yesterday I only saw one other person calling BS in thesmokinggun’s combox and he began by invoking Harry Reid’s hearsay on the Senate floor, so I didn’t know whether he was serious or just poking fun at Reid.

    Now I see another commentator there saying this was staged by someone falsely claiming to be a Christian. Well, I guess now that the police in MN have opened a criminal probe of the incident, the truth should come out eventually. I’m starting to lean toward hoax at this point.