Christians Doofus for Traditional Marriage

…sets fire to General Mills property, videos it, runs away with fire still burning, and carefully posts video so that world can see he is a doofus for Jesus–and cops can find him.

Best combox comments: “Who’s flaming now?” and one describing him as a “cereal arsonist”.

Searchers for moral symmetry tend to glom on to dumb crap like this as “just as bad” as the rich exec humiliating the minimum wage lady at Chik-Fil-A.  But, of course, that’s rubbish.  The only guy this dude humiliates is himself.

It’s one thing to do a dumb thing like this, film it, and have the stunt go awry. It takes Special Dumb Sauce to then conclude, “Instead of deleting from my camera this brainless act of public vandalism to the private property of a major corporation with a battalion of lawyers, I think the wisest course of action would be for me to post what I have done to the internet so that all may laugh at me and I can be financially destroyed by said battalion of lawyers.”

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