I’m starting to think Obama is really afraid

When the Onion is lampooning the truly desperately sleazy attack ads that Obama is quite obviously behind, it means Obama is in serious trouble.  Obama was elected by a volatile combination of people sick of Bush and leftist messianic zealots ready to worship him with the looniest of inflated expectations (“Black Jesus” Spike Lee described him to be).  Those expectations are thoroughly deflated now.  His base feels about him the way resigned Republicans feel about Romney: They guess they have to vote for the lizard, lest the other lizard win.  But the dementia of 2008 has given way to hangover and a sick feeling among former culties as Mr. Hopey Change has embraced indefinite detention and executive 007s, along with revealing himself as another Caesaroligarch.  He has also alienated a lot of black churches with his enthusiasm for gay “marriage” and lost even a lot of center-left Catholics with his naked hostility to the Church.  The thrill is gone.  And his frankly amateurish thuggery may manage to do what Romney himself can’t do: generate something like human sympathy for Romney.

Memo to the God King: Sin Makes You Stupid.

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  • Mark S (not for Shea)

    Obama would be in SERIOUS trouble had the GOP nominated a serious candidate. Romney is an empty suit, and Paul Ryan is a scary idealogue, which is going to become painfully obvious in the upcoming weeks. The biggest thing the Romney campaign has going for it is a bottomless pocket. The Presidency is for sale, and Mitt is buying.

    It’s going to be an interesting 3 months. Were the election held today, I suspect Romney would lose. But he has almost 3 months to inundate the media with ad after ad, and he has the entire Fox media empire dedicated to his election. So who knows?

    I just go read Psalm 2 again and remember that neither party is worthy of my vote.